14 Types Of Corporate Events You Should Know About

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  • April 7, 2021
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In order to connect with the main stakeholders: staff, investors, clients, potential customers and more, businesses embrace corporate events. Events are essentially a key component of the growth plan of an organisation.

Corporate activities are a rare opportunity to bring people together, build relationships, learn new skills and facilitate certain facets of the organisation.

Let’s delve a little deeper into the types of events you can plan. Do not forget to check out pro tips from our high-end corporate planners, at the bottom of the page.

Business Dinners

A business dinner is a place for everyone to meet new employees, celebrate achievements, or just let employees take a break and mingle. Event preparation will transform these activities into good social links and relationship builders that lead to a stronger working team.

Events for Networking

These are large mixed events that bring together several parties within a single sector, including workers, consumers, potential customers, and more. The purpose is for individuals to relax and discuss mutual business growth. Starting the relationship is the main objective of these types of activities and the right corporate entertainment will make people laugh, talk, and maybe dance.

Product Launches

For a brand, few things are more exciting than the major debut of their new product. A launch party is an excellent way of creating media buzz and helping the brand move forward. In Melbourne, corporate event planners will collaborate with you to create entertaining, vigorous, and truly magical launch parties that catch the imagination and ignite anticipation.


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Conventions tend to be massive gatherings focused on a single topic, often lasting several days. Generally, they are less formal and lighter-hearted than conferences.

Anything may be the focus of the convention; broad or narrow in nature and does not need to be business-related. Most conventions are often organised around hobbies. The purpose of a convention is for people to discuss a single subject and participate in it. It’s an opportunity for the participants to learn about the subject and/or to be entertained.

Trade Shows

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A Trade Show is an event at which companies may advertise their goods and services. These are formal gatherings, the larger ones frequently last several days and draw thousands of people.

Many trade shows have a particular theme and target a particular audience. Companies who want to capitalise on this audience for promotion will apply for a stall. Companies pay a premium for the chance to advertise their product or service at a trade show. Typically, the charge is proportional to the event size and the number of anticipated guests.

The aim of a trade show is for participants to discover new products and services that could meet one of their needs. For businesses, the aim is to raise visibility, generate leads and build future partnerships.

Marketing Activities for Partners

Events for partners refer to events hosted by two (or more) partners. Hosting an event needs a lot of investment and brand awareness; there may not be resources for smaller businesses. Collaborating and co-hosting an event helps businesses to conquer this challenge. They will share information and resources with each other. As they play an active role in organising and hosting the event, event partners vary from event sponsors.

The target will be based on the actual case. Each partner’s purpose may be different. The aim, for instance, could be to improve a company’s relationship with its main suppliers.

Customer Appreciation Events

It is almost always more costly to recruit a new client than to maintain a current one. In reality, it is important for businesses to cherish clients.

Firms keep their main customers satisfied and build a long-term relationship with them by showing respect and rewarding loyal customers. As the name suggests, customer appreciation activities are events organised to demonstrate appreciation to the main customers of the company. In the B2B (business-to-business) space, these events are more popular.

Milestone Celebrations

Companies also set up an event for their staff and/or their families while marking a significant milestone.

Objective: It is an opportunity to celebrate and generate good PR for the company.


  • Opening a new site for an office
  • Hitting a massive target for sales or revenue
  • Reaching a count for workers

Holiday Events

Your employees put in a lot of work during the year to help develop and strengthen your organisation and a perfect way to show gratitude is through the staff holiday party. With top-notch entertainment, event planning will produce fun, festive holiday parties that will be the stuff of water cooler talk for months or years to come.


Audiovisual technology is a huge part of the planning of events. Seminars are a form of corporate gathering that demonstrate the complete versatility available. In order to improve and deliver educational presentations, general meetings, and employee education activities, the technology that produces beautiful visual displays, such as the atmosphere screen system, can be used.

Events for Fundraisers

In order to raise funds and awareness for a particular cause, businesses will hold fundraising activities. Such tasks may be conducted company-wide or at team levels. Such activities tend to be social in nature; it’s a chance for workers to enjoy themselves.

On the employees’ behalf, the contributions for the fundraiser arrive. Nevertheless, corporations also choose to match the contributions or to make a donation of their own.

Board Meetings

In a corporate climate, the board and shareholders will usually meet to discuss business for growth and enhancement. Some boards want to have it as a separate atmosphere in a setting away from the business. These are where new business plans and ideas for the company are developed and are a good way to debrief how the company is doing with its goals.

Year-End Parties 

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Celebrating members of the team is a perfect way to reward them for all their hard work. Christmas and EOY parties are a perfect way to get everyone together and express gratitude. Plus, it is good for individuals to get away from the work world together.


If you are an organisation that educates others, A perfect way to add additional layers to your company is by seminars and short courses. Plus, in workshops and courses, small intimate groups allow more connection and offer your guests a better opportunity to be introduced to your company and the industry.

As you can see, when it comes to planning for business growth, there are a lot of activities you can choose from. Events are used for a variety of purposes, from marketing to sales, or to communicate with consumers, team members and business individuals.

3 Tips for Corporate Event Preparation

While it can make much of the planning process smoother to employ a corporate event production company, self curating the event is also possible. Event entertainment is only one part of the evening, and to ensure good outcomes, you would need to be able to participate in other matters. Here are some suggestions about what you should do as a part of the method of preparing.

Keep in Mind The Event’s Intent

When deciding on different elements for your case, always bear in mind how the fundamental purpose of the meeting can be supported. Networking activities, for example, are likely to be semi-formal or business-casual style affairs, so the planning decisions should reflect this tone to make it easier for participants to connect and get to know each other. 

There will be a more celebratory atmosphere for a new launch, but it is also an environment in which the workers need to be willing to be the company’s best face. If you work in partnership with your corporate event with a live event company, make sure that they understand the mood and intent of the evening and can represent it in their plans.

Mind the Time and Date

Generally speaking, the date and time for the event will have already been set, and the pacing will play a role in organising the remainder of the occasion. This is reflected in topics such as the presence of alcohol or what food is served, as well as in the corporate event entertainment range. 

Lighter or less in-depth performances are best earlier in the day, just as with meals. You wouldn’t have a three-course lunch menu, nor would you put on a booming 1:00 p.m. dance scene. The sooner an event is scheduled, the more likely someone is to need to leave early for other engagements as well, so it may also be helpful to keep things shorter in these situations.

Align The Plans With The Venue

It is important to ensure that your planned venue is actually able to accommodate the event plan you have imagined. This involves visible components such as the seating room, but also less evident ones, such as whether there are enough electrical sockets across the stage. A compromise could be required in an alteration on the part of the venue or change to your own plans, depending on what needs to occur. Be sure to do a walk-through of the venue with your representative while dealing with a corporate event production company. They will be able to get a sense of the room and suss out how it can work with your ideas for event entertainment.

Wrapping Up

Melbourne-based Ultima Function Centre is a full-service, live event company. With the use of the latest technologies, high-quality entertainment, skilled lighting and audiovisual experts, we pride ourselves on “creating event magic”. Please contact us for more information on Ultima Function Centre and find out the exclusive additions we can bring to your corporate meetings and events.

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