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Weddings are special as it is the amalgamation of two souls into one for a lifetime. It is a promise to stay together through thick and thin of life till death sets apart. The dream of marriage starts in the mind of the bride and groom since the day they start getting a bit mature and understand the concept of love. And, once they find the ‘ONE’, they start imagining the dreams into reality keeping in mind the same person.

Most of us have a plan of a Destination Wedding in mind due to multiple reasons like having it with just a small group of loved ones or somewhere you and your partner always wished to go like mountains or beach. However, all kind of destinations is not feasible in reality due to the lack of availability of resources like:

  • No proper transportation
  • No proper catering available
  • No rooms for guests
  • No parking space available
  • Exaggerated charges for setup
  • High charges of vendors
  • No separate dressing rooms
  • No proper connectivity for water and electricity
  • No beauticians available for the bride and relatives

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Why is a Proper Destination Wedding Venue Needed?

A wedding is a social affair and everyone attending it has high expectations about it. Also, it is a ‘Once in a lifetime’ event for the bride and groom as well as the family members to greet and invite the people they once visited. It is a reflection of the family’s reputation and power in front of society as it is considered to be the grandest event of the lifetime. It has to be perfect and to the point.

Wedding Venue having professional staff and experience can make the journey easy and manageable along with making it look good in front of the relatives. Their team of experts exactly know which things will be needed to complete the ceremony and which things can go short of at the last moment.

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Why choose us for a destination wedding venue in australia?

Ultima Function Centre is in operation for years now and has successfully handled lavish weddings to it’s best. Our main aim lies in providing the best experience to the client and their guests on their special day and for this, we take care of all the minute possible details. Our venue is quite spacious and has six big rooms to organise different events for the wedding like engagement and reception as per the theme of your choice. It is an event venue suited best for the Indian wedding where each room can be utilised for different events like Mehandi ceremony, Haldi ceremony, engagement party, sangeet night, cocktail party, wedding day, and reception night.

Our location also has an untold benefit of being located within 10 mins of reach from the airport as well as 15 mins away from Melbourne CBD via access to freeway. Along with this benefit, there is a good number of hotels and guest apartments near our location where the clients can accommodate their guests easily and within their budget. One more plus point is our huge parking space to accommodate cars as well as a guest bus.Book our virtual tour for a destination wedding in Melbourne at or call us at 03 9116 8390 and one of our managers will guide you to the venue aligned with a briefing about the services.

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