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Weddings are considered a special occasion for all communities around the world, but for Indians, a wedding is no less than a festival. To be precise, days-long festivals.

Indians dream about the wedding day from early childhood as they grow up seeing and experiencing the grand celebrations of their uncles, aunts, and cousins. Just like the way you look at movies and wish I want to have this one day, in the same way, Indian teenagers wish to have certain things at their wedding one day. A better version of it is planned inside their heads from childhood itself, and when the actual day is decided, the excitement cannot be stuffed up in a gigantic box. For them, it is a day of achievement and everyone around makes them feel like a king and queen for 4-5 long days till the celebration lasts.

Some feel it is luck, we call it our fate that we get to host the most grandeur Indian weddings at our Hindu wedding venues, specially curated as per the Indian wedding norms and traditions.

Indian weddings are way different and vibrant, unlike other traditional weddings. It is full of food, fun, and drama, and when we say drama, you can actually feel that mimic effect. Known for the extravagant celebrations, Indian weddings are unique and we bring you an amazing location to celebrate in style. At our Indian function venue in Melbourne, we can create the perfect setting for all types of celebrations. Whether you are after a grand wedding or looking for an intimate one, we can accommodate your needs. Our venue has so much to offer and the ambience can be matched to your preferences.


If you are looking for a spectacular Indian wedding venue in Melbourne, we have the perfect setting for a lavish wedding. There are endless possibilities and we are here to craft the most memorable day of your life. Our Indian wedding reception venues are made in a way that has space for all Indian wedding rituals. It is segregated as:

– A grand stage for astounding performances
– A customised theme for bright Haldi ceremony
– A customised corner for the Mehandi ceremony
– Dine at the right corner with delightful delicacies
– Wine at the woofy corner for the couple and their family
– A separate area for the cocktail party before the main wedding night
– A large area for the photography session of the couple and their loves ones
– A separate space for the exchange of gifts ceremony for the bride and groom section.
– A gateway for the coolest groom entry and a separate one for the sassy Indian brides.

This is a small glimpse of how Indian wedding reception venues are decorated and prepared for the main day. Each couple has a different choice and wants for their wedding and we happily adhere to it at our venues.


The food selection takes an entire day for the couple to finalize due to the availability of different varieties and cuisines from around the world. There are some couples who just wish to go with the Indian theme, it can be a south Indian menu totally or can be north Indian and sometimes even a North-East one. It depends on their taste and the type of guests attending the function. We also allow customization for all three to four days of function within the minimum budget.

In case, you are looking for a venue for Indian weddings in Melbourne, we are here for you serving you an in-house capacity of 500+ people at the same time, a common number for Indian Weddings. Our venue is located on the main highway, in the middle of the city, making it convenient for all places guests.

To book a virtual or in-person tour of our Indian Wedding Venue in Melbourne, visit or call us personally at 04 1367 4193 and one of our managers would call you to discuss the possibilities.

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    Whatever the occasion or the budget, the management team at Ultima Function Centre can tailor a function to suit your requirements.