Middle Eastern Wedding Venue

Weddings Made Special at Our Middle Eastern Wedding Venue

Weddings are special occasions for us as humans. It is a tradition carried out since the inception of the human race, legally involving families and the adult turned bride and groom to give a promise to each other in front of the world, under the universe, to walk together in this birth; holding hands till death takes apart.

The affair starts in heaven and we give it a happy ending at our wedding venue. We feel extremely blessed to witness a whole new love affair that takes place in front of the community every time. For us, it’s an altogether different excitement to book a wedding space and create it as per someone’s choice. It is no less than aiding a dream of a lifetime.


Our Middle Eastern Wedding Venue is created in a way that it fits all wedding types, may it be a judaism or chiristian wedding saying “I do” or an Arab, Iranian, Iraq and even Egyptian wedding that celebrates the application of Henna tattoos separately to destroy evil and welcome good luck. We have done it all and enjoyed every bit of it. The customization has always been exciting in Turkey, Cyprus, Syria, Lebanon and Jordan weddings as these communities make us learn new things about their ancient traditions of communities residing in the world around us.

Ultima Function Centre is located on the highway, right in the middle of the heart of the city, allowing one to eye on it with every pass by. The spaces are gigantic and can fit 500+ headcounts in a single hour, giving it enough room for all kinds of functions, ceremonies, and traditions to perform. Our parking space is aligned directly with our guests’ capacity to allow smooth entry and exit for all guests.


To know how grand it looks in reality, you can book an online tour on zoom, anything as per your choice in this pandemic situation, at https://ultimafunction.com.au/ or call us at 04 1367 4193 to discuss the venue in detail.

Whatever the occasion or the budget, the management team at Ultima Function Centre can tailor a function to suit your requirements.