Wedding Ceremony Venue

Don’t let your dreams wilt

Picturesque wedding ceremony venue: We set the scene, you create the drama With amber-lit lamps, greenery lacquers, and antique furniture. The painted concrete floors and copper surfaces provide an industrial look while the open windows and exposed beams provide a light airiness to this venue. The Ultima Function Centre. You must have a phantom for a wedding ceremony venue of your own choosing exactly like this!

Has the search for the perfect wedding ceremony venue left you overwhelmed? Time to get in touch with Ultima Function Centre. We offer elegant and spacious spaces to conduct a wedding ceremony of your dreams! Whether you want a small ceremony or a lavish celebration, our venues are equipped with everything to make your wedding a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Wedding bells around the corner

Planning a wedding takes on average more than 250 hours. [This is a lot of hours … but it’s true]. After all the googling, phone calls, appointment taking, decision making, food and wine sampling (yum!), spreadsheet creation, rehearsal managing, people herding, you do have to have enough patience, time and anticipation for the wedding day itself!

Finding the perfect wedding ceremony venue is the best place to start. This will dictate the size of your guest list and set the picturesque for the style of your wedding. At the Ultima Function Centre, we put ourselves in their shoes, with the intention to consider their feelings. Our seasoned experts help couples plan their best day. A day which gives timeless memories to cherish forever.

You want the best of all when it comes to a wedding and why won’t you! Yet what if those items surpass the target, as they always do? It is time to pick and forego what matters most to your perfect wedding ceremony venue. We partner with style-conscious couples for a design-led orientation at the Ultima Function Centre, your perfect wedding ceremony venue, to create a special location for the wedding ceremony through trendy celebrations. We bring in your own character and style as luxury venue designers to create an ambience that feels more like home. To create performed weddings, activities and leisure experiences we do as little or as much as you like.

Behind the scenes of your perfect wedding ceremony venue

Merging our expertise with your dream, we are developing convincing design ideas that suit a robust organization. Behind the scenes, we orchestrate every note of your day, so that everything flows.

Whatever the occasion or the budget, the management team at Ultima Function Centre can tailor a function to suit your requirements.