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Even though marriage is a sacred union between a man and woman, excluding all others, weddings are always larger-than-life events. But it will be tough when you are an African native living in Australia and want to have an African theme wedding venue in Melbourne.

Your biggest challenge would be to find a venue providing a traditional African wedding ceremony set-up. Since the basic mechanics of the ceremony differs from the typical western wedding ceremony, all you worry about is the wedding decor and other marriage customs.

But we can land a hand in finding a perfect venue following African wedding traditions.

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Whether you want a mix of Nigerian, Setswana, Ghanaian, Zulu or general African theme wedding decor, we have you covered. Our team has invaded and ransacked the internet to put together lovely traditional African weddings to inspire the wedding decor and give you some ideas for a wedding you may be organising.

From providing a customary stage depicting African values to offering an Ethiopian lunch buffet, our skilled team puts in an effort to leave a lasting impression on your guests and relatives from your community.

Be it a wedding band to form a happy mood for the rest of the wedding, or the groom’s family hosting a small family-only dinner at the same stage, Ultima Function is at your service.

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