MEC Ballroom

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It all comes together. All the ambitions, hopes, aspirations, dreams, and plans. At the Ultima Function Centre MEC Ballroom

We vouch to add charm to your elegant celebrations with sweet and savoury scrumptious food. Our detailed decoration with a dash of elegance tailors your event into a grand success in our luxurious MEC Ballroom. Our professional squad weaves every thread with a burning belief to embark your journey of happiness.

We knit your ambitions with a confetti of happiness with elevated ceilings, stunning chandeliers, and magical space. Our tailored packages will duck you in the pool of happiness and comfort accommodating scores of guests to make your day of love memorable.

Seated without dancefloor
Seated with dance floor

Strings of warmth and love

Our intimate settings with warmth and luxury hung in the air atmosphere vouch for marking the flag of an ideal event for you and your loved ones. Resort to us for we radiate warmth, cater par excellence service. We host the best event to cut your strings of worries and stress and promise for an ideal Wedding Venue.

We believe in celebrating every occasion surrounded with love and thus take care of every aspect to shower drops of happiness. We blend your pious occasion with variable lighting and decorate the MEC ballroom with blooming happiness and unwinding warm smiles.

Ideal packages

We knit our packages to suit your budget and craft a dreamy MEC ballroom with ivory tablecloths, silverware, linen napkins, elegant glassware, bone china set and comfortable sitting space with luxurious round tables.

We have imprinted our brand in the hearts of our customers by catering miniature assortments, fruit platter, sherbets, ice cream sundaes, Tartufo, balsamic dressing, fine supper and wine to tease and treat the taste buds. We not only cater stunning services but spread love to mould the perfect ambience cherishing the plethora of memories in the moment and even after decades.

Dash of luxury and subtle ambience

We believe that weddings are made in heaven and thus the ballroom must be decked with luxury. We commence the heavenly smooth journey of love. We hold the significant key to craft your memorable day sweeping you off the feet.

Be sure of falling heads over heels with your partner all over again in the perfect ambience.

Fairytale beginnings

We understand that planning a wedding is no cakewalk with an end number of listicles. However, you need not worry when our professional squad is at your rescue to mark your day of love. Start humble beginnings at our MEC ballroom, treasuring beautiful moments, fulfilling smiles and tears of happiness.

Allow us to construct the castle of your beautiful wedding fairy tale with exuding beauty and a romantic setting. You dream and we knit!

Whatever the occasion or the budget, the management team at Ultima Function Centre can tailor a function to suit your requirements.