Authentic Exploding Flavours with Asian Food Catering in Melbourne

If you want top-notch Asian catering service with delicious food and drinks and fabulous decor for your wedding in Melbourne, Ultima Function is here to lend you a hand.

We promise exquisite Asian food catering on your wedding day. With the help of our experienced chefs, we serve the finest Asian cuisine with a rich, well-balanced flavour and aroma. We believe that creating sweet and savoury Asian food will pamper you and your loved ones on your special day.

Asian Catering with Elegant Garnishing Sprinkled With Love

Let us tantalise the taste buds of your near and dear ones with our gourmet dishes. Our skilled chefs prepare everything with premium ingredients and a little extra love. Apart from maintaining a refined taste, we ensure to not only cater delectable Asian food but an eye-pleasing plate that will leave a lasting impression on your heart.

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Extensive buffet with impeccable service

We take full responsibility for pleasing your loved ones with the best service, ensuring an extensive buffet and prime support. Our skilled team will ensure your guests are treated with the utmost respect at your wedding function. Thus, our professional buffet catering service team will be able to advise you on how to create a synchronisation of flavours.

Whether you are catering for a relaxed, social crowd or an official occasion, our caterers will help you choose the most effective buffet based on your event. Our menu has diet recipes to satisfy other guests when catering for dietary conditions. We are one click away from picking the best Asian catering treats, delicacies and dishes for your magical day.

The fusion of authentic cuisine lingering on tongues

We understand that marriages are meant to bring joy and love; thus, we wish to graciously decorate the hearty plates with classic creativity. Our food tastes fantastic and is decorated with a passion that appeals to the hungry bug hidden in your guests’ eyes.

Our detailed and diverse menu has a diverse range of options with a delicious fusion of authentic Asian cuisine to linger on warm tongues. Your wedding day will have food plates with aromatic assortments and crisp flavours concentrated with fine traditional taste. The food is packed with luscious flavour notes with decent blends tossed in delicate tinges similar to country food.

With our full service, we promise to cater for you in an art form with little personal details to make your wedding fun and memorable for you and your guests.

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