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Bespoke Picturesque to Entwine a Breathtaking Wedding Experience at The Glasshouse

Wedding is the reflection of your ideal love with sparkling shine. With extravagant lightings and setup, we vouch to craft the perfect picturesque wedding in the stunning precinct. The light-drenched area is full of creative flair and decked with strings of innovation to gloss your day of love.

Our squad will serve you and your loved ones with celebration cords!

Eccentricity and traditional blend

We believe that modern spaces must have a tinge of tradition and culture to mould your perfect day with blessings. Whether it’s a botanical theme or flower dipped theme we are at your rescue to cater simply the best. We cater a vibrant vibe with happiness hung in the air knitting your magical love story. We create exquisite spaces for marking a flag on your spectacular wedding day adding cords of beauty and extravaganza.

We vouch to embody your ideal cultural eccentricity and take your breath away with the ideally crafted glasshouse.

Explore Surprises

We believe that extravagant settings with a dash of splendid décor will take you back with your face eloquent of surprises. Our lavishly decorated glasshouse with lush corridor plants with twinkly lights and bright airy vibe will make your vow space really precious.

We knit an intimate ceremony with a beautiful frame to craft your special day paving way for love and happiness. When you join hands with us, be ready to get dumbstruck with surprises keeping you in awe.

Glaze your day with spacious setting

Dance away your perfect day with smiles all around, adding a dash of glaze to the event with a confetti of happiness. We cater to seated spaces with a dancefloor for 192 people whereas the contoured space without the dancefloor can accommodate around 150 people. If you are looking to glaze your day with a cocktail setting then you can invite 250 guests to bless your day. If you are looking for a theatre show then be sure of 200 people witnessing your day of love. However, if you are a private person with an ideal setting then go for a cabaret show with 60 close ones.

Welcoming ambience

Glassdoor wraps magic with a sophisticated touch with luxe interior with a welcoming ambience offering a myriad range of interiors to choose from. Let’s define your idea of a perfect wedding and flaunt it in style.

Glasshouse room share an elaborate, stylish foyer for your guests to socialise whilst enjoying per dinner drinks and appetisers.

Glasshouse room seats a maximum of 140 guests, and similarly delivers a warm and inviting atmosphere, while offering the comfort for your guests to have a memorable evening.

Glasshouse room has full bar facilities, spacious parquetry dance floors and a tasteful design, which will make your event a wonderful experience for you and your guests.

Whatever the occasion or the budget, the management team at Melbourne Event Centre can tailor a function to suit your requirements.

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