Top Wedding Trends That Are Here to Stay

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  • June 2, 2021
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We could never have predicted this year- the pandemic’s effect on the wedding and events industry has been enormous. As weeks of no events and lockdowns turned into months and rules on domestic celebrations varied from state to state, day by day, couples, event planners, designers, and vendors faced a plethora of obstacles. Sound guidance on what to expect while postponing your wedding and how and when to shop for a wedding dress became more challenging to manage. These unexpected developments and health issues have complicated preparations and influenced how we treat the joyous events that weddings are and were supposed to be. 

We’ve spent a lot of time dreaming about small wedding patterns and how to host a wedding at home. Now, we’re thinking about what will happen once gatherings resume and we can gather and travel again safely. We’re looking forward to the future, representing a ray of hope at the end of a long road. The pandemic’s effect on weddings will continue this year, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Consider fewer visitors, smaller dinner parties, and a focus on the things that are in reach.

We are excited about the future. Hence, we at Ultima Functions bring you the top trends on choosing your venue and activities related to your big day, keeping your loved ones’ safety in mind. 

Locally Sourced Venues Top The Charts 

Before this year’s gatherings were cancelled, an admittedly late, heightened appreciation for sustainability was said to be a top theme in design for wedding venues. Although many activities were naturally more sustainable due to their smaller size, this year’s weddings were more locally-sourced than ever before, with vendors from the community helping organise the weddings in the backyards, gardens, and terraces. 

Weddings are expected to continue this pattern, with much of the product-from food to beverage to floral-coming from as near home as possible, eliminating carbon emissions and promoting independent artisans businesses.

Although an all-in-one package may appear to be the most convenient option, couples realise that supporting small business and working with brands that resonate with their values is more critical than before. Getting married somewhere is now a dedication towards helping a local economy that has undoubtedly felt the impact, from sustainable farms to local vineyards, butchers, bakers, and more.

Design Your Wedding Venue In Techni-Colour Theme

Although all-white-themed weddings are timeless, the days of blush weddings and simple and pale colour palettes are long gone. Expect fresh bursts of colours, new palettes, print blending, and statement hues that haven’t been seen before at weddings in the new year will trend the charts. After all, we’ve spent the bulk of our time at home in our neutrals. Consider super-bright, vivid colors combined with fantastical decor fit for the parties you fantasize about while spending countless evenings cooking at home.

The secret to this concept is that your entertaining ethos should feel familiar while daring to be unique at the same time. Bold splashes of colour are inherently decadent; after all, building a world for you and your family guests to enjoy for a single night is the definition of extravagant. Use your favourite colours in unexpected ways, keeping in mind stylistic wow factors like spectacular candlelight shows and surprising and delightful centrepieces. Bring your bold colour choice to the table in layers, including linens, glassware, china and more. After a year inside, we deserve laughter, smiles, and vibrancy at every turn at every event we may be attending in the upcoming year. 

All About Wedding Attire

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Recent times have shown us that fashion is more pivotal than ever, even if it isn’t just about clothing. As events evolve, shift, and morph, upcoming small weddings and larger events will depend on the wedding wardrobe’s flexibility and durability. Instead of concentrating only on the main ceremony gown, examine your whole wedding wardrobe and see if it all fits together. Choose things that you would want to wear more than once. Consider how an eye-catching reception gown could become the main look for a small ceremony and how an after-party gown could become the look for a large-scale anniversary celebration. 

Consider how your wedding dinner and brunch can be used for civil ceremonies and small celebratory dinners that will follow. Prepare to dress anything differently if you intend on wearing it more than once; budget wisely and invest in looks you prefer. Consider ready-to-wear choices for a black-tie celebration in the future or someone else’s wedding in the future. In an unpredictable year, you can influence your fashion choices; make them work for you and any special events you have planned.

The Destinations Will Come To You

We never dreamed about destination weddings until recently, and we still crave them now that travel is uncertain. Expect disruptive architecture to take center stage rather than experimental travel.

Extraordinary design is simple, not a fad. Still, a couple’s favourite vacation spots may play a more significant role than ever in influencing the event’s look, feel, colour palette, and other aspects next year. The aim is to use destination-inspired experiences, tastes, textures, and colours to bring your original wedding destination, your dream honeymoon spot, or an experience you shared abroad or out of town into your home or an intimate affair.

Immerse your guests in menus, music, scents, blooms, and multisensory experiences from your favourite destinations in the world. While being at home whether you set up tropical arrangements that call to the lush greenery of Bali, deck tables with accents that remind you of your favourite meal in Provence or have Moroccan-inspired lounges with trays of plentiful fruits and candies.

Custom Cocktails On The Go

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One advantage of this wedding trend is that it decreases the amount of wait time for guests. Your guests will be ecstatic to be able to order a canned Moscow Mule or a delectable pre-made cocktail at your party. Couples will build dedicated grab-and-go libation stations for guests as pre-packaged beverage choices become more sophisticated. Inquire with your caterers from Ultima Functions about adding extras to your custom, ready-to-drink cocktails, such as a special show of fresh mint leaves, citrus slices, and even custom coasters to help your guests enjoy their drinks on the go.

Virtual Wedding Venues

Whether it’s attending a virtual hen party, sending e-invites, filming your engagement shoot remotely, live streaming your wedding day, viewing venues virtually, or attending virtual bridal appointments, technology will play a big role in weddings. Wedding photography and videography will be more relevant than ever before, as couples opt for smaller celebrations to share their special day with family and friends who are unable to attend in person.

Small Speeches

Although a good best man and maid of honour toast are always welcome, weddings in the current trend will be innately more intimate, ensuring that the majority of guests will be those having a close relationship with the couple. Several top wedding planners and vendors expect an increase in “small toasts” at weddings, in which guests are invited to share a small memory of the couple in the form of a dinner party. 

Lighting from a Fairytale Backdrop

When the sun sets, the lights come on, setting the stage and atmosphere for your evening, whether it’s an indoor or outdoor wedding reception. As a result, it’s no wonder that fairytale lighting is a top wedding trend. Expect to see a slew of dreamy, one-of-a-kind statement lighting choices, from uncovered bulbs to festoon and string light installations to antique chandeliers and classic fairy lights, all mixed and matched to create magical settings.

Decorated in a vintage style

Vintage is back, but in a whole new way, so dust off your grandmother’s wedding china and dig out some embroidered floral napkins from the attic. Tables with granny-chic meets English-country-garden designs are catching your eye, and we’re here for it. Think classy china, ditsy floral tablecloths, embroidered ribbons, and antique glassware for a wedding that defies a sleek, modern aesthetic look. This one of a kind wedding style is also unafraid of colours but in a tasteful manner. 

At-Home Weddings

More couples are opting to celebrate their nuptials at home, proving that home really is where the heart is. A wedding at home is a lovely choice, whether it’s your childhood home, where many family memories have already been made, or your own home, where new memories are being created.

There is a plethora of flowers and foliage to be found.

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With huge bouquets and epic floral displays in weddings, there will certainly be an array of flowers and foliage, with a clear urge to bring the outside in and blur the distinction between indoor and outdoor spaces. Florists are seeing an increase in demand for colorful and exotic blooms like orchids and anthuriums, making wedding flower choices more interesting.

Leaning Towards Change

Couples are leaning into these changes and embracing them as opportunities for creativity and innovation. Social distancing, masks, hand sanitisers, and small guest counts-with several new steps in place to keep their guests secure, couples are leaning into these changes and embracing them as opportunities for creativity and innovation. The possibilities are endless! Customised masks for the couples and their bridal party, individual hand sanitisers for keepsakes, and thoughtful signage ideas for smaller guests lists are just a few examples. 

Road To Nostalgia

The custom of making family pictures together on the wedding day dates back several years. However, as we come to the end of a year that has centred on the value of those we love and have lost, we expect to see more subtle references towards family history sprinkled in each and every case. The long-standing trend of “something old” is gaining the new normal, from antique family china and candlesticks to donning heirloom jewellery and apparel. Filling an event’s design or a closet of all things fresh will expect the couples to integrate retro in an unexpected way. 

To The New Normal Of Entertainment

As we reach the new year, dance floors may still be restricted for health protection, and social distancing reasons. No matter the size or scale of the event, it should be filled with love, joy, music, and entertainment. Couples will choose unusual ways to impress and delight their guests, such as massive bands that rival the number of guests on the guest list, DJs remixing your favourite songs, and alternative entertainment such as stand-up comedians, illusionists, aerialists, and other performers aimed at keeping guests amused while they remain comfortably seated. 

Small Wedding Cakes That Make a Big Statement

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Couples enjoy a part of the wedding that does not have to change at a time when certain customs must be altered to emphasise protection, and the wedding cake is one such tradition. With the popularity of small gatherings on the rise, brides and grooms who want to enjoy the traditional cake cutting experience can do so with smaller, but no less exquisite, one or two-tiered confections. 

Wrapping Up

If you haven’t worked it out yet, wedding trends are all an outcome of the pandemic’s reorientation of our goals. Registries and wedding presents would certainly change as a result of this new outlook. It’s clear that it’s not all about you, even as a bride and groom-to-be; it’s all about giving as we move forward.

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