Guide On How To Choose The Best Beach Wedding Themes For Your Special day?

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Choosing the greatest beach wedding themes is a difficult task.

Do you wish to celebrate your big day with a beach wedding? There’s no denying that the beach is a popular choice for couples looking to tie the knot. You want to make sure that the event is out of the usual because it is a special occasion. This is when deciding on a wedding theme comes into play. Colors must be chosen with care so that they blend in with the beach surroundings.

The wedding theme is different for each couple. Some people choose the typical white wedding theme, while others prefer to stand out by choosing a nautical theme. Trends should not be the exclusive focus of the theme. It should be able to coordinate all aspects of the wedding, even down to the smallest details.

If you don’t pay attention to the wedding specifics, it’ll be difficult to decide on a wedding theme. If you choose a specific theme, you must imagine yourself or your guests on your wedding day. It should be able to make a good initial impression so that you can send the proper message to your visitors.

Because they are the most romantic and peaceful, beach weddings are immensely popular all year. Kick off your shoes, feel the sand between your toes, and enjoy a lovely sunrise and sunset with your loved ones while wearing a gorgeous flowy wedding gown. What a lovely and romantic scene! Here’s what you need to know if you’re planning a beach wedding in 2020. Below are some fantastic beach themed wedding ideas that will undoubtedly inspire any couple wanting to tie the knot in front of the sea.

These questions will assist you in choosing the ideal wedding theme:

Where did you meet for the first time?

Do you have any particular nations or towns in mind that you’d want to visit?

What do you consider to be the ideal wedding?

Is there anything else you’d like to include in your wedding?

Is there a certain flower you’d like to see at your wedding?

Are you able to list the characteristics that characterize your relationship?

Do you have any interests in common?

These questions can assist you in determining the type of wedding you and your spouse want to have. Answering these questions will help you make the best option, whether it’s for a flashy or laid-back celebration.

What do you want to achieve as a couple?

Choose a theme as a pair because the day is all about you! Make a list of the different themes and make an inspiration board for the ones that reflect the ambiance you want for your big day, such as a relaxing and natural bohemian beach wedding or a cozy winter woodland wedding. If you’re lost, there are online questionnaires that can help you find the perfect wedding theme by asking you questions about your favorite things as a couple, your favorite color schemes, and your personalities. Perhaps you both enjoy traveling and want to develop a theme based on your travels around the world—make invites that look like plane tickets and use maps and globes as decor throughout the venue.

What is your financial plan?

Some themes are more expensive to put into action than others, so bear that in mind when you narrow down your options. Lights, flowers, and decor abound during a magnificent party in a vast ballroom. Even yet, a vintage elegant garden-themed wedding can be considerably more cost-effective because natural items such as wood, natural foliage, and wildflowers can be used as decor.

What kind of atmosphere do you want to create?

During all of the events, what mood do you want your theme to create for your guests? Create an art deco theme with dynamic jazz music, warm lights, metallic and sequin touches, and lots of dancing if you want a glamor and glam celebration inspired by the Roaring Twenties. Take into account how formal you want your wedding to be. A huge ballroom wedding fits the mood if you’ve always envisaged a formal black-tie celebration. A beach or backyard wedding is ideal for a more relaxed atmosphere.

What is the atmosphere like at your location?

Locate the wedding venue of your dreams and select a theme that complements the space, or look for locations that already have a theme in mind. A beach theme with a color palette of sea glass, ivory, and blue matches the backdrop wonderfully if you’re being married by the sea. Look for refurbished barns or gorgeous backyard spaces for your venue if you’ve always dreamed of a beautiful country chic wedding.

When is your wedding taking place?

The season of your wedding is a crucial consideration. Allow your wedding season and theme to complement one another. Winter weddings can be traditional or glamorous, but dark, romantic colors like emerald green, plum, and deep blue are always appropriate for the season. Garden settings, pastel colors, and natural features like berries and bright greenery can all be used to create a spring wedding theme. Summer wedding themes are usually appropriate, while wooded settings and warm colors are a common fall theme.

What is the design of your gown?

Because your theme will serve as the backdrop for your entire wedding, and the bride’s gown will serve as the focal point, you’ll want the two to complement each other. You can pick a wedding theme and location first, then a dress to go with it. Do you want to have a bohemian wedding? A lovely appearance is a delicate, fanciful dress with lace details. Use the style of your perfect dress to inspire your wedding theme if you’ve already discovered it. Consider the dress’s aesthetics and features. A princess gown with lace and decorations is suited for a dazzling ballroom wedding, while an A-line trumpet dress is excellent for an elegant vineyard wedding.

Colors for a Beach Wedding

For color inspiration for your wedding by the water, look to the ocean and the coastline. Here are a few of our favorite seaside wedding color schemes.

slate blue + dove grey coral pink + peacock blue sage green + dusty blue blush pink + sage green + dove grey emerald + taupe + moss green coral pink + teal emerald + taupe + moss green emerald + taupe + moss green emerald + taupe + moss green emerald + taupe + moss green emerald + taupe + mos

Ideas for Wedding Invitations

Your stationery, particularly your save the dates and wedding invitations, will set the tone (and style) of your seaside wedding. You can recreate the atmosphere of your big beach day in a variety of ways, including:

Beach scenes painted in a painterly style

Colors or motifs associated with the sea (e.g., anchors, sailboat silhouettes, shells, starfish, nautical flags, rope patterns, etc.).

Throughout, neutral tones akin to sand are used.

For a rustic, beachy vibe, use textured paper.

Illustrations and motifs from the beach (e.g., the shore, crashing waves, seaside sunsets, driftwood, palm trees, or something more playful like flip flops or beachy cocktails).

If you’re having a destination beach wedding, an invitation that looks like a plane ticket or passport.

To simulate a message in a bottle, save the dates are folded up and shipped to guests in a little glass tube filled with sand.

Instead of ribbon, use a piece of rope or twine to wrap your invitations.

Traditions of Same-Sex Weddings

Ideas for Wedding Outfits

For the bride and groom, as well as the wedding party

Here are some fashionable ways to incorporate a laid-back, beachy vibe into your wedding party’s wardrobe.

Wedding gowns featuring a halter neckline, cut-outs, or an open back are popular.

Lightweight silk, chiffon, or lace bridal gown fabrics are ideal.

Choose a wedding gown that is mid-length, has a high-low hemline, or has an asymmetrical silhouette in terms of length. All of these solutions have a laid-back vibe while being sophisticated.

Bridesmaids in a variety of blues to match the ocean backdrop.

Floral or tropical designs on bridesmaid gowns or skirts.

Groom and groomsmen dressed in beige linen suits, ties optional.

For a preppy look, seersucker blazers are ideal.

Guests at the wedding

Invite everyone to a beach ceremony where they can go barefoot.

Don’t be afraid of color: The beach, ocean, and blue skies will contrast nicely with bright reds, greens, and corals.

Make a stylish sun hat a part of your ensemble.

Choose fabrics that are light and breathable, such as linen, cotton blends, and chiffon.

Instead of stilettos, choose wedges or elegant sandals.

Bring a light shawl or scarf in case the wind from the coast gets up

Flower Concepts

A seaside wedding doesn’t always necessitate a distinct approach to floral arrangements, but it does provide an opportunity to try something new. Our recommendation is to select flowers and decorations that will not compete with the beach backdrop, but rather will enhance it.

For the bouquet and boutonnieres, use the following materials:

Proteas, orchids, pink ginger, and other palms make up this tropical bouquet.

Boutonnieres with fresh succulents or little shells as accents.

Succulents can be used in place of regular flowers.

Pair a giant monstera leaf or other palm fronds with two blossoms, such as anthuriums or birds of paradise, for bridesmaid bouquets.

Instead of ribbon, nautical rope was used to wrap the boutonnieres.

Tie a rope around glass vases for a beautiful nautical touch for your beach wedding centerpiece.

Glass hurricane vases filled with sand, shells, and pillar candles were used as centerpieces for beach weddings.

Pampas grasses in tall vases are boho, breezy characteristics.

Palm fronds served as a table runner, with votive candles on top.

At each place setting, place small air plants that can also be used as a take-home wedding favor.

Driftwood fragments in glass cylinder vases, surrounded by blazing pillar candles.

On a backdrop of fresh eucalyptus greenery, candlelit lanterns.

White phalaenopsis orchids are mixed with palm fronds.

Papayas, pineapples, and mangoes, for example, can be used into the beach wedding centerpieces. Display them in bowls alongside floral arrangements or immediately on the tables.

Ideas for Wedding Ceremonies

Wedding Ceremonies

The ceremony is maybe the most important way to set your beach wedding apart from typical nuptials. You can make your dream wedding come true with any combination of these ideas, from colorful accessories to one-of-a-kind decor. It makes no difference whether you say your “I dos” in the sand or not. Here are a few of our personal favorites for beach weddings:

Palm fronds or other tropical foliage can be used to embellish the ceremony arch.

Gathered driftwood or feathery pampas grasses serve as a backdrop for the ceremony.

Arrange the ceremony chairs in a spiral around you and your partner in the sand, so that you and your partner are surrounded by all of your guests.

Set up a “shoe valet” station where your guests can change into flip flops.

Carry your rings in a seashell with your ring bearer.

Sunglasses, paper fans, parasols, and sunblock should all be available to help people beat the heat.

Set up a refreshment station with cold drinks at the ceremony so that visitors can stay cool in the sun. For a tropical-themed wedding, we adore the notion of fresh coconuts on ice.

Pots of attractive grasses should be placed down the ceremony aisle. For a more rustic beach effect, wrap the pots in burlap.

Instead of rice, guests can toss mini beach balls during the recessional.

Ideas for Reception Décor

Allow all of your reception’s lovely, beachy elements to carry over. After all, that’s where the good times begin! Consider the following stunning beach wedding decorations:

Signs made of wood or driftwood alerting tourists to important areas of your event (ceremony seating, the bar, the dance floor, guest book table, etc.).

Messages in a bottle from visitors offering marriage advice or suggestions for future dates. Bottles that act as table numbers could also be used.

Details of a nautical table setting (e.g., anchors, ship silhouettes, etc.).

Miniature seashells can be found all around the tablescape.

Decorated with bright nautical flags.

pillar candles and sand were placed in clear glass cylinders or mason jars.

Over the tables and/or the dance floor, hang lights.

Kayaks or canoes that have been packed with ice and used as coolers to keep drinks cold.

Lanterns in the sky for good luck (note: be sure to check with your venue if this is allowed).

Sea glass place cards with calligraphy.

In sand-lined trays, place your tented escort cards.

As escort cards/place cards, calligraphed oyster shells or sand dollars.

Menu Suggestions

Are you unsure what food to serve at your themed wedding? Keep your menu light and savory by choosing dishes that are light and flavorful. To fully appreciate the oceanfront surroundings, make sure to order enough of seafood. You can even incorporate an ocean motif into the design of your menu cards.

Cocktail hour should include the following:

Oysters, shrimp, crab claws, and an assortment of sauces and lemon wedges are available at a self-serve raw bar.

Sushi restaurant.

Lobster rolls in little size.

Clam chowder in miniature mugs.

Cakes made of crab.

Smoked salmon with cheese on a cucumber circle.

Fish and chips are a classic combination.

Macaroni & cheese with lobster.

On wonton chips, tuna tartare.

Tacos de pescado en miniature.

Gazpacho shot glasses filled with chilled tomato gazpacho.

For the main course, prepare the following:

Petite filet mignon and grilled shrimp form a surf & turf dish.

Cod or halibut cooked in the oven.

Grilled fish with risotto made from roasted corn.

Sea scallops grilled

Ideas for Wedding Cakes

The wedding cake is a show-stopper on its own. It’s a lovely and delectable way to incorporate your beach theme. Here are a couple of our favorite beach cake ideas:

Blues that are subtle and delicate, as if inspired by the sea.

Sugar-based beach decorations (e.g., seashells, starfish, and coral).

Sea glass made of sugar.

Shells from oysters or mussels (real or made from sugar).

As cake decorations, a pair of small Adirondack chairs.

Gum paste rope decorations add a preppy touch to the cake.

Favors for a Wedding

Send visitors home with a parting present that will remind them of your seaside celebration before the night ends. Here are a few of our favorite wedding favor ideas with a theme:

Sea salt laced with rosemary (the salt resembles fine white sand).

With a charming remark, beach towels are tied in twine.

Saltwater taffy is served in miniature pails.

Sugar or shortbread biscuits with a beach theme.

Shot glasses personalized with your names, wedding date, and/or location, as well as beachy details (e.g., palm trees, flamingos, starfish, beach balls, lighthouses, etc.).

Flip flops in bright colors.

After the sunsets, light beach blankets are ideal.

With a bespoke label, it’s an SPF chapstick.

Tote bags are always welcome. You can also use any of the items listed above to fill these.

Other things to think about

Venue: When choosing a theme, keep the wedding site in mind. Be aware that the venue will be one of the aspects of your wedding that will consume a significant portion of your budget, so plan accordingly. The wedding theme should not clash with the venue. If you’ve already made a decision, have a peek at the venue to see what it has to offer.

You must pay close attention to the atmosphere and features. You can also visualize your dream wedding if you haven’t chosen a venue yet. You’ll also need to keep your budget in mind to make sure the venue you choose doesn’t go overboard.

Colours: Colors are very important while choosing a wedding theme. Check to see if your favorite colors merge well once you’ve paired them. If you don’t have a favorite color, look through your closet and see which colors you prefer to wear the most. You may also look for more information about color combinations on the internet. There might be some colors that you like.

Selecting a Theme

When picking a wedding theme, make sure it’s personal and one-of-a-kind. While you may like your friend’s wedding theme, you must choose your own theme based on your specific needs. The wedding coordinators will be able to understand your concept if you provide as many specifics as possible.

Avoid offering broad themes because they can be interpreted in a variety of ways. It’s possible that the outcomes will be unsatisfactory. Organize your thoughts by writing them down. While it may seem difficult at first, keeping your tastes and personality in mind will assist you in selecting the ideal wedding theme.

If you don’t live near an ocean, don’t dismiss your ideas. A “beach” is defined as “the shore of a body of water, particularly if sandy or pebbly.” Yes, Victoria, lakes and rivers are included. You may even have a “beach” right next to your swimming pool. There are no guidelines to follow. Be inventive! It’s your beach wedding, so make it whatever you want – and wherever you want! Above all, have a good time.


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