Wedding Planning Checklist: Eight Stages to an Awesomely Planned Wedding in Melbourne

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  • October 13, 2020
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Finally, just like a dream, your big day is coming up! Different thoughts and ideas flow through your mind, and you start fantasizing about an elegant wedding, thinking about different venues for wedding to choose, and also the best wedding planners to hire.

Yes, you deserve an elegant wedding, and one way to turn your fantasies into reality is by planning things out. So, sit tight, as we bring to you a detailed wedding plan guide on organising your wedding in Melbourne for the utmost experience.

Stage One: 12 – 18 Months Before Your Big Day

At this stage, there seems to be plenty of time, but you should start planning early to make things smooth.

Draft a guest list

When planning a wedding, the first thing to do is to draft a guest list. This is part of early preparations and should be taken seriously. It helps come up with estimates in picking different venues and also in preparing a budget.

Prepare a budget

Make a rough estimate of the amount you wish to spend on different aspects of your wedding. As you do so, draft out the most important things to you, budgeting much money on them. These important things should be about 5 in number, and as you carry on with your wedding planning, don’t forget to give room for things that haven’t crossed your mind yet.

Come up with a venue

Picking a venue early enough is very important because you don’t want a situation where you would be forced to use a venue that doesn’t fit your plans. This should be among the first things to do so that you don’t get disappointed as your big day draws closer. Luckily enough, you can get a fantastic wedding venue in Melbourne through us, quickly and without stress.

Prepare for your bridal train

Don’t just wait until your wedding is just a month or two away before choosing your bridal party. Start early enough, informing your potential bridesmaids, flower girls, groomsmen and any other person that you want them to be part of your train. As you do so, make it clear to them what they are paying for and the things you would be taking care of so that they start getting financially prepared too.

Stage Two: 8 – 10 Months Before Your Big Day

This is the time you should take things a step further. Here are important things you should do at this point.

Reach out to photographers, DJs and other vendors

Begin contacting photographers, videographers, DJs, car rentals, cake makers, florist and others. Find out how they operate, what they offer and their fee. After that, carefully go through the vendors you contacted and narrow them down until you find the best match for you. Don’t waste time, book in advance as soon as you find the right ones for you. This could be a tedious process; hence you may want to contact us for recommendations.

Inform the guests

It would be a very terrible idea to wait just a few months before alerting the guests. For a proper planning, ensure that all the guests on your list are notified so that they save the date and begin adequate preparations.

Make provisions for lodging

Will you wedding require booking rooms on the night before the big day? If yes, book accommodation and also make research for suitable accommodation for guests coming from afar.

Open a registry

At this point, if you like the idea of a registry for well wishes and gifts, set one up. This will enable you come up with as much ideas as possible.

Pick a ring

This shouldn’t be a big deal, but it is necessary at this stage that you search for wedding rings and order for them.

Stage Three: 6 Months Before Your Big Day

Your joyful day is just about 6 months away, and many things should begin falling in place now.

Buy cards and other stationery

Sending out invitations should be done without stress, this is why you should start at this point making research about thank you cards, place cards, menus and other related items you desire.

Decide on your appearance

This stage should be used for determining how you want to look on your big day. Try hairstyles and different makeup to know which one you like so that things become very easy when you do the final make up.

Bring together your documents

Arrange all your means of identification, ensuring that your birth certificate, passport and other necessary documents are valid and kept safe.

Prepare for treatments

Book ahead for treatments like hair coloring, facials, tanning and any other thing you need before your big day. Doing this ensure that things play out nicely.

Make reservations for your honeymoon

It makes lots of sense to book your honeymoon at this stage. This will reduce the load and free you from unnecessary worries. Pick where you want to spend your honeymoon, choose accommodation and book flights too.

Stage Four: 3 – 4 Months Before Your Big Day

Things are becoming interesting and you are getting more excited. At this stage, you start executing your plans and make things happen.

Begin inviting

It is time to officially send invitations out.

Get your attire ready

Get items for the day ready. Things like shoes, jewelry and others. Also, if you aren’t satisfied with your dress, then you should make necessary adjustments at this point.

Choose your bonbonniere

Decide on what you want to use as bonbonnaire and get it ready.

Draw up a final list

It’s time to get things heating up pretty fast, so ensure that you’ve made final decisions with your vendors, communicating with them properly. Let them know details of what you want, including the venues and time.

Get the bachelors party ready

Make sure everything is moving on smoothly, and check on the organisers.

Confirm the ceremony details

Ensure that every detail of the legal paperwork is correct, possibly meeting your celebrant to crosscheck your vows and other things.

Stage Five: 1 – 2 Months Before Your Big Day

It’s now remaining a month or less before your dream wedding, and planning takes a whole new dimension here.

Prepare the table

Begin making preparations for table arrangement and where each guest should sit.

Shop for gifts

Get the gifts sorted out now to avoid last hour rush.

Practice that dance step

In a happy and fun filled manner, begin practicing your dance moves if you wish.

Schedule for the day

Everything should be planned out, including meal times and other details for the main day. Ensure that all participants get a copy so that things will move smoothly.

Prepare your speech

Get in touch with your MC and let them know what should be covered. As you do that, don’t forget to write your speeches to avoid a hastily drafted speech.

Get proper documentations

Ensure that all necessary documents are sorted out for the ceremony, and all legal works have been taken care of.

Stage Six: 2 Weeks Before Your Big Day

Things are really moving fast, and this is when you should round up most plans.

Finalize your reception

At this point you must have gotten the final numbers and details of the big day, so send everything about organizing the venue to the event center and other vendors that would be needing the numbers.

Get bags ready

Do you intend lodging somewhere a night before your big day and even on the night of your wedding? If yes, it is time to pack the bags you’ll be needing for the wedding.

Know what the weather would look like

The weather shouldn’t ruin your big day. Check ahead and make necessary preparations for it. Check the forecast and make arrangements for items like umbrellas, fans, and other items, depending on the predicted outcome.

Collect your dress

All necessary adjustments should have been done by now, so it is time to pick up your wedding dress.

Get ready for your honeymoon

Ensure that bags for your honeymoon are ready and packed, and don’t forget all the travel documents needed for your honeymoon.

Stage Seven: A Week Before Your Big Day

Now it’s just remaining 7 days before your wedding, and you can’t just wait any longer for it!

Get payments ready

Ensure that you make the agreed payments with your vendors so that there won’t be any reason to worry on your day.

Visit your venue

Among all the fantastic wedding venues in Melbourne, you must have gotten one at this point. Make a physical visit to your chosen venue, ensuring that all items are supplied as agreed, and the venue is set accordingly too.

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Cool off the stress

Don’t stress yourself, your wedding is just less than 7 days away! Have a nice treat, enjoy yourself, get a massage, and any other thing to help you relax and feel pampered.

Let the rings sparkle

Bring out the engagement ring, get it properly cleaned and polished for the big day.

Make rehearsals

Contact your celebrant and work out a convenient time for possible rehearsals.

Stage 7: On Your Big Day!

Finally, that great day you have been waiting for has arrived! Congratulations!

Feel relaxed

Right from over 12 months ago, you began planning everything, so relax, and allow your vendors take care of the day. You chose them based on how professional they are, therefore, no need worrying about a thing because they will handle it all. It’s your wedding day!

Remember back up plans

You must have planned for alternatives in regards to the weather, so even if the day turns out to be the opposite of what was forecasted, don’t fret. Just stick with what will work with the weather and don’t try forcing things.

Enjoy the moment

It is your big day, don’t let anything steal away your joy. Feel the vibes, enjoy the laughs, and make every moment a memorable one.

Stage Eight: After Your Big Day

Now your dream has finally come true, and you have just wedded!

Have a romantic honeymoon

Your wedding is over, but your journey of endless love just began. Enjoy your honeymoon, talk and make fun about your wedding day and have the best of laughs and a good time too.

Make the necessary name changes

Make sure you effectively handle all legal documents and make necessary name changes on passports, credit cards, and other necessary documents.

Gift registry

Ensure that your gift registry gets finalized and do everything needed.

Be grateful

In a special way, send special thank you messages to your parents, organisers and other people who directly helped make your wedding a success. Also, send thank you cards to all who sent gifts or attended.

Handle the laundry works

Dry clean any dress that needs to be tidied.

Finalize with your vendors

Meet your vendors, review them and make final conclusions with them. Don’t forget to meet your photographer and videographer for a final photo album and video.


Congratulations, you just successfully planned a great wedding, keep smiling. A wedding is a big day and should be celebrated joyfully and memorably. At Ultima Function, we don’t just bring to you the best wedding venues in Melbourne, we make sure everything is properly planned and you enjoy every single minute of the day!

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