Top 10+ Tips On The Most Appropriate Footwear For A Beach Wedding

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  • March 22, 2022
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These beach wedding sandals are ideal if you’re getting married on the beach. You can go barefoot if you want, but would you do it on such a special occasion? You deserve to wear something special on your feet that is both beautiful and comfortable on your wedding day.

The best part is that you can wear them on your honeymoon or any other summer night out in town! The biggest blunder, in our opinion, is only wearing your shoes once. Make the most of your time with them instead. For many years, make a lovely tradition of wearing your wedding shoes or sandals on your anniversary. All of your special memories will be relived for you and your spouse.

Wedding beach sandals are the most popular and top choice for brides getting married on the beach. They’re easy to put on, breezy and stylish, but also casual enough for a relaxed occasion. There’s also no need to worry about sand getting stuck in your shoes.

Beach Wedding Shoes for the Bride

The beach wedding shoes listed below were chosen based on a few key factors. They’re sturdy (think: thick, short, or nonexistent heels), open (to allow sand to easily slide in and out), or otherwise on-theme (read: special enough for a wedding but at home on the beach).

The theme, location, and your personal taste will all influence the perfect wedding shoes. Beach weddings are often more laid-back, with a rustic or boho theme, but this isn’t always the case. Beach weddings can also be elegant and modern affairs. A destination wedding may have a more tropical aesthetic. Whatever your mood, the perfect beach wedding sandals are available.

As a bride, you want every detail of your dream wedding to be perfect, including your footwear. Even if the wedding isn’t on the beach, many brides opt for sandals on their wedding day. There are many different types of sandals to choose from, some of which are more formal than others and may be more appropriate for an indoor event. When it’s your wedding, you get to set the tone for the dress code.

Sandals with Flat Soles for a Carefree and Relaxed Wedding

Flat-soled sandals are ideal for a carefree and laid-back bridal look. However, simply because your shoes aren’t elevated doesn’t mean you won’t look the part. There are flat sandals with pretty embellishments and chic detailing available, as well as simpler designs that won’t draw attention away from your dress.

Flip Flops for the Wedding

Wearing flip-flops is perfectly acceptable if your beach wedding is more laid-back. A contoured toe-post sandal, on the other hand, is something to think about. Keep in mind that a flatter sole may cause sand to get between your toes. A beach wedding, of course, comes with the territory—literally.

Elevated Wedding Wedges/Platforms

Do you want to wear high heels more frequently? If this is the case, the best beach wedding shoes for brides are wedge heels or platform sandals. Unlike other types of heels, wedge heels and platforms will not sink into the sand, which is something you want to avoid when walking down the aisle. Our favorites include cork, wood, and leather-bound rubber soles, as well as espadrilles. You may be wondering what espadrilles are and why they are a good option. In terms of both style and comfort, they’ll be ideal for your wedding day.

At an Oceanside Wedding, Wear Block Heels

If you’re getting married on an oceanside deck, a grassy lawn, or any other non-sandy platform, block heels are a great choice. They are available in a variety of heel heights, strap styles, and color combinations. Block heels are both comfortable and elegant, and they will keep you steady on your feet.

Make sure to account for height during your dress fittings, whether you choose flat sandals or elevated sandals. If you remove your shoes for photos, will your dress drag in the sand? Where will the hem fall if you wear wedges instead of flat sandals? Bring your shoes to your fittings and discuss with your tailor whether you want to wear them or not. Most of the time, a happy medium hem length will suffice in all situations.

Bridesmaid Sandals for a Beach Wedding

As previously mentioned, some beach weddings include a barefoot walk down the aisle or barefoot photos splashing in the waves. Regardless, each bridesmaid should have her own pair of wedding shoes. Bridesmaid sandals will most likely be similar in style to bridal sandals.

Some of the best beach wedding sandals for bridesmaids are as follows:

Flip-flops or toe-post sandals

Sandals with a strap and a flat sole

Gladiator sandals are sandals in the style of a gladiator.



A platform sandal is a type of sandal that has a platform on the bottom.

High-heeled sandals with a block heel

For a unified look, choose elegant bridesmaid sandals that complement your bridal shoes but are slightly different in style. If you choose platform slides, your bridesmaids could wear flat slides instead. Bridesmaid shoes can be the same as the bride’s but in a different color or with less embellishment.

Sandals for the Groom’s Beach Wedding

If you’re looking for beach wedding sandals, we recommend toe post sandals or double-strap slides for your groom. For a more polished look, opt for leather sandals. Slip-on boat shoes or espadrilles are also acceptable. If you’re having a formal beach wedding, closed-toed comfortable dress shoes, such as oxfords or loafers, may be the way to go.

Beaches present men with unique footwear challenges. Many of us cannot bear the thought of wearing anything other than a dress shoe with a suit. Being on the beach, on the other hand, slightly alters the game.


Some of the best beach wedding footwear options for men are as follows:

Shoes with Flip-Flops

Flip-flops are the classic beach shoe, especially if you’re wearing shorts or a linen shirt. Make them a little more formal (insofar as flip-flops can be dressy). Nothing says “athletic” or “bulky.” All you need is something slim and streamlined, with leather straps (ideally). Most importantly, keep your toes clean. Get a pedicure or even medical treatment if necessary.

Floating Boots

We realize you won’t be attending your ceremony on a boat. Boat shoes, on the other hand, are an excellent hot-weather shoe with a nautical heritage that speaks directly to the vast body of water where you’re marrying.

I’m not wearing any shoes.

It is possible to walk around barefoot. This is, after all, the beach…

If you go this route, make sure you’re standing on something soft, such as a blanket. There is no more agonizing pain than bare feet on hot sand.

Driving Sneakers

Another common misconception is that driving shoes are designed for driving but are rarely used exclusively for driving. Drivers are ideal for beach weddings because they are both comfortable and casual, while also slim and attractive.

Slides are related to flip-flops and share the same sartorial plane. The same rules apply to foot grossness and material grossness.


A cream-colored linen suit paired with white Chuck Taylors is not only fashionable, but also fun. Consider this option if you’re the type of guy who lives in sneakers and dreams of getting married on a beach.

Groomsmen Wedding Sandals for the Beach

Typically, the groomsmen can match the groom’s shoes. While groomsmen can be dressed in a variety of styles, it is not uncommon for them to wear the groom’s shoes and suit. For beachy groomsmen footwear, we recommend leather toe-post sandals, slides, espadrilles, boat shoes, or, as previously mentioned, dress shoes. Canvas sneakers are also appropriate for beach weddings.

When selecting footwear for your wedding party, keep comfort in mind, especially if you intend to keep them busy with bridesmaid or groomsman duties. As the bride, it is your responsibility to advise your bridesmaids on what shoes to wear. Make it clear whether you have a specific style in mind, whether you want them to wear matching sandals, or if you want them to be able to choose their own shoes.

Consider the Following Factors When Buying Bridal Shoes

There’s a reason this is first on the list!! It’s the most important! Imagine having sore feet or blisters all day and ending up hanging off your groom during the first dance! Discover what makes you happy and experiment with various styles, materials, and heel heights.


The second point is that it is frequently associated with comfort. Investing in a good pair of shoes will usually make you feel more comfortable, as they were specifically designed for brides who are frequently on their feet for several hours. Good quality shoes will be made of soft natural materials and will have additional cushioning and padding to prevent rubbing and blisters.

The Heels’ Height

There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to heel height; wear whatever makes you feel the most comfortable. You can probably get away with a similar heel on your wedding shoe if you’re used to walking around in stilettos on a daily basis. However, if you normally wear flats, wearing a 3-inch heel on your wedding day is probably not a good idea! If you prefer a heel, go for a low-mid heel, a wedge heel, or a wider heel like a block or spool, as they will provide more support if you aren’t used to heels. If you must have a high heel, choose one with a platform, which will give you the elegance of a high heel while also preventing you from walking around on your tiptoes all day.


Because your personal style and the style of your wedding gown may appear to be diametrically opposed, your bridal shoes are a chance to truly express yourself. Because many wedding gowns cover the feet, your shoes do not have to match. As a result, many brides choose sneakers, boots, or something blue as their wedding footwear. Maybe you’ve decided on a white gown but want to add some color to your shoes. We offer a satin collection that can be dyed to any color you desire! Is there room for a little bling on your shoes? This can be accomplished by personalizing your shoes with a shoe trim. Take advantage of the opportunity to make a statement in any way you see fit.

You must wear your shoes to your dress fittings. This means that your dressmaker can tailor the hem of your wedding gown to the perfect length.

This is why we always recommend ordering your shoes ahead of time, especially if you are having them customized. This will take a lot of stress off your shoulders and ensure that everything runs smoothly on your wedding day.


Is it true that all wedding shoes have to be ivory? Traditional brides may want to stick with these colors or try something new with gold, blush, or oyster. You do, however, have the option of selecting any color you want! Yes, this is correct! You can choose any color you want! Whatever color you want: blue, red, orange, or yellow! You could coordinate with the bridesmaids’ gowns, the mother of the bride’s gown, the groom’s tie, or any other color you desire! You’ll be able to wear the shoes again if they’re not white, but if you buy satin shoes, you can dye them before or after the wedding to get the most wear out of them!


Whether you plan to marry at home or abroad, the season and weather may force you to reconsider your bridal footwear. The weather can be notoriously unreliable at any time of year! For a winter wedding, when temperatures are almost certain to be colder, you may want to consider a bridal boot or, at the very least, a closed-toe shoe. Although heat and sun are not guaranteed at a summer wedding, you may want to choose a peep toe, which gives you a summery look while still providing the comfort and structure that a strappy sandal does not.


There are so many different types of wedding venues these days that it’s important to consider what kind of footwear will be most appropriate. Stiletto heels, for example, are not appropriate in a farm setting! Similarly, no heels are appropriate for a beach wedding! Because your venue is a lovely stately home, you may believe there are no shoe restrictions, but if you want to go outside and have photographs taken, you’ll need shoes that won’t sink into the grass!

When Is the Best Time to Buy?

You should buy your bridal shoes well in advance of your wedding for two reasons. The first is that you will need them for your dress fitting. This way, you can be confident that the length of your gown will be appropriate on your wedding day. Second, walk around the house in your shoes a few times to “break them in,” as well as just because you like them!

Choosing the right wedding shoes is never easy. There are so many different shapes, sizes, styles, and colors to choose from that it can be difficult to find the right pair to go with the dress you’ve chosen.

Putting together this list of top tips – to help you understand what you should think about before buying, so you can be confident you’re making the right decision.

Hairstyle, makeup, and accessories all play a role in completing your wedding day look, but your wedding shoes come in second only to the dress. The shoes you wear on your wedding day are a big decision (you’ll be wearing them for hours), and there’s a lot to consider, such as heel height, style, and comfort. If you want to add a pop of personality to your outfit or simply avoid aching feet, there are a few key steps to finding pumped up (or flat) kicks for the big day.

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