The Life Celebration And Funeral Service

Funeral ceremonies aim at making one believe how the body leaves but the soul remains forever. In ancient times, it was believed that the soul remains in the house for the coming days to live the last unfinished moments and for this reason, it is important to have the last happy times and celebrations in the memory of a belated person.

Our team at Ultima function Centre believes that sorrow should be shared and happiness should be divided among the loved ones. For this reason, our Ultima family shared your sorrow considering our own and helps you preserve the best memories of your cherished one of these special moments.

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Why a good venue space important for life celebration and funerals in Melbourne?

The answer lies in the name itself: Life celebration. It is an occasion to celebrate and happily bid bye to someone who lived with you, taught you things, shared the moments, and considered you an important part of their life. On this day, it is a chance to pay tribute to all those moments you once lived with them and recall it. A good venue space and co-operative staff will let you concentrate on the day instead of always keeping an eye on the arrangements.

Our staff has managed a good number of life celebrations and know exactly what and how’s the same. Also, the venue will have minimalistic decor as per your taste and will make sure it suits the occasion.

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Why Choose Our Venue for Funeral Ceremonies in Melbourne?

Our venue is located right next to the cemetery and makes it an easy option to directly come and pay condolences to the lost loved one. It is easy to commute as well as gather people to the place which is nearby and does not require hours to reach. The venue is right on the highway in the middle, making it a convenient place for guests coming from distant places.

Along with the location benefit, the other benefit is accommodation. Our funeral ceremony space in Melbourne can fit 500+ people at the same time without any hassle or conjunction.

We understand the funeral ceremony is not a happy event but more of gratitude and condolence giving ceremony. We at Ultima Function Centre make sure to share your pain and make it a satisfying event.

To know more about our funeral services in Melbourne, visit or call us at 0413 674 193 and one of our managers will guide you to the venue aligned with a briefing about the services.

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