Planning A Wedding During Pandemic: 5 Big Mistakes To Avoid

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  • September 23, 2020
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We know that this time is full of uncertainties but don’t let it stop you from planning your dream nuptials!

Here are five mistakes you need to avoid when planning a wedding during a pandemic even though you’re engaged or making adjustments to your original plans :

Mistake 1. Always ask questions!

Unlike wedding; wedding planning has seen a shift in the coming times due to COVID -19.

As you begin reaching out to vendors to do your homework, make sure you compile a list of questions to ask. Some questions to consider asking when searching for your venue (or other vendors) can be:

– Are there extra charges for postponing our event?
– What is your cancellation policy?
– How many types of packages do you offer?
– How many guests can be accommodated in a single event?

We have a variety of event spaces that can accommodate up to 600 guests! While we may not see those guest counts right now, we have plenty of room for you and your guests to distance.

Mistake 2. Be open and flexible

This is the key to keeping things as stress-free as possible!

If you’re in the early stages of planning, have a few dates in mind. If your venue has a date available, ask if they can hold it for you while you consult with other vendors (like photographers and DJs) on their availability. However, florists and bakeries usually have a bit more flexibility than the two.

In case you need to postpone your wedding in an emergency, ensure you reach out to your vendors as soon as you make the wise decision. Waiting too long may mean your other vendors may not have your new date available.

Mistake 3. Hire a wedding planner

Although an event coordinator is included in your wedding package, a dedicated wedding planner can help you customise as per your choice and need. The planner will help you in reaching out to your vendors in the event of postponing and will save your sanity during the process.
Many planners offer different packages so ask around to find the best option for you!

Mistake 4. Finding your dress

If you’re engaged, don’t rush to make a bridal appointment just yet! Most shops will want to know your wedding date. Once it is fixed, you can order the gown according to the date, keeping space for alterations in case needed.

One more important thing is to talk to the venue and block your day by paying a small deposit. The demand is high due to Covid’19 and venues fill up in blink of an eye.

Now is the time to book your dream wedding dress appointment.

Mistake 5. Book a venue that offers a package deal!

You’ve planned your dream wedding on Pinterest, but did you break down the cost of that tablescape you fell in love with?

Booking a venue that offers an all-inclusive package allows you to have that wedding you dreamed of while avoiding any extra costs that may come with renting the basics or bringing in outside catering (again, keeping things stress free!)

Our event packages include tables, chairs, linens, dance floor, and more!

While planning a wedding during this time may seem like a crazy idea, you’re not crazy for being in love and wanting to celebrate that. Here, at Ultima Function Center , we live to make your dream wedding come to life, no matter big or small!

Ready to book your wedding day or schedule a tour? Let’s get started! We can’t wait to celebrate with you!

Simply book a zoom meeting with us at ultima.


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