Multi Wedding & Minimonies are The most Popular Wedding Trend

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  • September 15, 2020
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Like any other industry, the wedding industry has also seen a huge shift in the last decade. The latest trends in the wedding industry are adopting simplicity and couples have pretty much embraced it by downsizing, simplifying, and minimizing.

Well, it’s pretty practical because a small ceremony contributes to less stress and responsibility. And post pandemics, trends will even shift a bit and go minimalistic due to safety and savings both.

This new normal will also affect the choices of couples in the wedding industry. Some of the recent trends show up:

  • Multi weddings
  • Minimonies

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multi wedding

You Can Involve Your Loved Ones!

Due to restrictions, some couples could not include their loved ones at their wedding. There’s a simple solution, have another one. This one can be grander and more fun as long as you still observe social distancing rules.

  • Two Ceremonies

If you don’t want to have your legal wedding as part of your celebratory wedding, a multi wedding is best for you. You can get the legal ceremony out of the way and have a second with your loved ones present. 

  • Privacy

In light of that, here is a summary of what both kinds of weddings entail:


Multi weddings have been around for a while as the notion is quite simple. This is why the new wedding trend has seen a rise in popularity as it adheres to the new changes and restrictions. In two of the weddings, the first wedding can be simple and only involve intimate guests whereas the second wedding can be more extravagant. This way, couples will still adhere to the lockdown restrictions and also satiate their need for a grandiose wedding. 

Although planning multi weddings entails hard work, there are many benefits to following this craze:

  • Twice the Fun

You can wear two different dresses and have two different themes for both weddings. The first can be formal, while the second could be casual. You could also choose a theme based on the individual venue. With multi weddings, you can get to have a fun wedding more than once

wedding fun


One thing that this pandemic showed many people was that in the end, the family is what matters. People realized that they didn’t have to hold a wedding of 200 plus guests. Restrictions due to the pandemic wouldn’t even let that happen. 

Minimonies are safer and have been around, gaining significance like never before. They are like regular weddings but with less number of guests. Here are a few reasons why people love minimonies:

  • Savings

Per head cost counting is the best for minimonies as they help you keep the list in check along with the expenses. Once the number of people attending your wedding reduces, you’ll automatically spend less. You can put the saved amount into other your post-wedding needs.

  • More Intimacy

At a minimonies, none of your guests will feel left out. A bunch of few would mean everyone is a VIP. You can even spend time welcoming each guest by yourself if you wish.

  • Less Stress

The stress that comes with planning a big wedding disappears with minimonies. You’ll be only inviting those that are most important to you and so you won’t need to follow too many protocols. You won’t have to worry too much about things like a seating plan or diet restrictions.

less stress wedding

  • Quality

A minimonies are almost like a private VIP event. Most couples use the money saved by not inviting too many people to other wedding details. This could mean things like an open bar, better wedding favors and lots of other upgrades. The result? A wedding of higher quality. So, what do you say?

wedding venue melbourne

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