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In the life of Indians weddings are probably the most amazing and important event. From the perspective of the groom and bride’s families to give thousands of amounts for wedding preparations. Every part of the Indian wedding is common to take extra care of each other for being ante nuptial agreement and pre-wedding events and ceremonies, a warm welcome to the guests, exchange the rings, and most importantly delicious food. Indian wedding catering is design according to the ease of guests too and the guests start arriving a few days before from the actual wedding.

Hosts of the wedding catering who are already busy with the arrangements of the wedding also arranging the food, meal, and other eatables three times in a day for the guests that can sometimes increase the burden. In Indian wedding  if the host source the food from outside, distributing it, and arranging the meal in the dining space then it will stay take a lot of time. Best wedding catering to the people of India hires the catering Melbourne that provides the Indian wedding catering to most of Melbourne. In the Indian wedding catering if you avail of the Melbourne catering service then they will take care of everything in your best wedding catering from preparing the meal to calling the guests and make sure every one of your guests is well fed and happy with your best wedding catering. Melbourne catering has more than 40 years of experience in the catering business and can make all types of food like Gujrati and Punjabi. Another benefit of Indian wedding catering is that you don’t have to worry about keeping the vegetarian food separate and non-vegetarian food separate. The staff of Indian wedding catering in Melbourne catering will prove helpful to keep counter for vegetarian and non-vegetarian food in a separate manner to make sure every of your guest enjoys his or her choice of food and has a nice time with good food. Indian weddings are considered as the best wedding because of its Indian wedding catering that has an extravagant affair. From all the multiple ceremonies which are considered as the best wedding itself, the most typical challenge to face is the Indian wedding catering challenge. There are hundreds of relatives, close friends in Indian weddings and if you want to invite the neighbors and work colleagues then the numbers are substantially increased. This is the biggest task to cater to the Indian wedding and many of the caterers are ready to take up this task to make the best Indian wedding. Indians are very hard to please not only the members but carters also varied in serving in Indian weddings. Food catering in India is one of the important on the huge day of the wedding that is conjointly important that you just notice the seller who determines the quality and focuses on every single detail. In Indian wedding catering, you have to discover a merchant that you can rest assured that there will be a decent and well-managed execution from the side of the seller on the best wedding day. It will be a good idea to decide on vendors who choose good Indian wedding catering that give high quality of service as well as catering and food with the best service quality. In this way, people/hosts in the Indian wedding catering pay undivided focus and attention to all of their guests and professionally treat them whereas Indian wedding catering to their wants.

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Now here we come to the most important part of the Indian wedding catering and that is food catering and food serving. In the Indian wedding catering, people have customized their menus for the purpose of reckoning on elegance and theme. If the vendors have to be told by truth putative then it conjointly provides dishes that take into thought about the special necessities regarding the diets of guests and they have multiple fun menus for kids too. At the time of Indian wedding catering, there are some certain debates involving the different types of guests that you expect and then finalize the menu according to them and then keeping the detail in mind with our caterer or merchant. There are many pictures, ideas, and aspects of the Indian wedding catering. Well, food also varies and differs according to the different ceremonies of the wedding. So far the Indian wedding catering makes sure to have/include:

The ceremony of Haldi: Haldi ceremony signifies the purity between the couple that makes their bond string, this ceremony is carried out within a day usually, at the time of post-lunch so the Indian wedding catering prefers the light snacks that include:


These are the fritters of onion and potato. These are made with the chickpea flour and are soaked in a batter then have to deep-fried in full heated oil. In the Wedding event of Haldi, these Pakoras are served with some tamarind sauce, mint, or coriander sauce. This snack makes your post-lunch best.


Tea is the most important part of Indian wedding catering and Indian tea is served piping hot. Tea is served with the Pakoras because Tea and pakoras are best friends. They always served together. There is a variety in the tea as well and they have to serve tea in different varieties with different available tastes. Some of the tea flavors include: cutting tea, ginger tea, masala tea among many other flavors.

Mehndi ceremony:

In this ceremony, henna is applied on the bride’s hands and legs. It is said that if the color of the henna develops a dark and deep color on the hand palms of the bride then it shows that the couple will have a strong bond of love. In an Indian wedding, this ceremony is arranged at the night time and done usually among the female members of the family. Some of the snacks in Indian wedding catering should include are:

Cold drinks:

In this event, cold drinks are a must to serve. After a full hectic day running around the host would want its guests to cool down with a variety of hints of drinks.


Dhokla is a Gujrati dish that is well-loved by all the Indians. This dish is perfect for a post-dinner situation and rather this is a light dish. The guests do not feel too full after a heavy dinner.


This is the event that has the best time for Indians to serve tea because this is the bittersweet drink that runs in their veins.

Female/Mahila sangeet:

This is one of the major functions in the induna wedding catering design that’s specially for females and the bride. In this, all the friends and relatives of the bride dance together and have fun. In this event, the Indian wedding catering serves dishes that can be prepared and made fast and are very popular. These dishes include:


This is a south Indian dish that is very famous all over India. In this Dosa dish, The rice and urad dal batter is spread and cooked till crispy brown. It is served with some potato masala. With coconut chutney and sambar, this dish is the perfect dish to serve.

Pani puri:

This is the famous street food that is known by many names and everyone must taste. This food is easy to serve and prepare and consider as one of the good suggestions in Indian wedding catering for you to have.

Alu Tikki:

This is another popular street food that is easy to make and serve. Well-liked by all, you should include thin in your menu.

Main wedding reception:

All ceremonies are over and the final events are happening in which garlands exchange between the groom and bride and this event is a final event called wedding reception. The Indian wedding reception has a grand celebration with a variety of dishes and food arranged by Indian Wedding catering. The food items included in this event are:


In Indian, the staple is available in so many varieties of rice that cannot count. The rice variety includes zeera rice, matter rice, mutton, and chicken pulao, fried rice, vegetable rice, biryani, and any other type of rice.


Indian wedding catering arranges vegetarian food that includes shahi paneer, makhani daal, paneer pela, chole, rajma any many other that you can include.


Indian wedding catering arranges the non-vegetarian food that includes Butter chicken, Kadai Chicken, mutton Keema, Murg Kheema, Fish Curry, Chicken Biryani, and many more.

These are the next suggestions that if anyone wants to plan Indian wedding catering then they have to include this menu as sure and do keep some of this food in mind for the purpose to put on the wedding menu. While on the other hand with the help of the Indian wedding catering and its carters you got proper assistance and will be able to relax and revel in your big day, on the other hand, you will be stress-free regarding many other details.


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