How To Plan Your Dream Wedding And Use This COVID Time To Plan It

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  • September 15, 2020
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When the coronavirus pandemic hit the world fully this year, a lot of things changed. The wedding industry was equally affected because large social gatherings were put on hold, and many couples had to postpone their wedding. If you’re a couple just getting started with your wedding planning, don’t give up hope yet. There are many ways that you can keep planning your wedding in these times.

Very soon we will most likely see the mandatory restrictions in place removed and a gradual return to weddings. A problem that will then arise is that at this point, there will be a rush by both couples and vendors to have the weddings which they’ve been holding off. New couples planning their wedding may inevitably find themselves affected by this rush too. But there’s a way to avoid this.

If you’re wondering how, it’s simple, keep planning. Use the time provided by this lockdown to get ahead with your wedding planning and talk to your vendors so that when the restrictions are lifted, you’ll be ready to go. Below are a few tips on how to plan your dream wedding using these COVID times.

Virtual Consultations

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Technology and the internet have become very helpful in these times of social distancing. Lots of our interaction as humans have gone online for the sake of safety and we’re seeing people holding meetings and even organizing hangouts virtually. You can do the same with your consultations and search for vendors.

Many wedding professionals and vendors are now open to virtual meetings with their clients, and there are lots of tools that you can use for it. Apps like Zoom, Google Hangouts, Facebook, Skype and others have made holding virtual meeting very easy so you can use them. At these consultations, you can get your questions answered and make plans concerning your wedding.

Here are six Melbourne vendors that you can hold a virtual meeting with while planning for your wedding.

Your Wedding Venue


Your wedding venue is an integral part of your wedding, so we’re talking about them first. You see if you don’t get it right with your venue, not only will your wedding day be affected, your memories of it will too. You’ll see the place in all your wedding pictures and videos for the rest of your lives!

You can start by searching for terms like “Venue for wedding”, “Cheap wedding venues Melbourne” or “Outdoor wedding venues Melbourne” depending on what kind of wedding you’ve decided to have. Most wedding venues are open to virtual consultations right now, and some are even ready to offer you a virtual tour of their place too. You can also check their websites for videos of weddings that have happened there and how they looked.

 Your Wedding Caterer


Holding a virtual meeting with your caterer in Melbourne might sound weird, but it is safer and can actually be done. You can talk about your wedding menu and the plans you have for your wedding catering with them during this consultation. They can even have samples of the food you’ve chosen delivered to you. You can then set up a meeting and discuss them while tasting with your partner.

Your Bridal Stylist


To get your wedding gown and have your fittings done, you need to work with your bridal stylist very closely in this period. For one thing, they’re experienced and will know the best online store where you can get a fabulous wedding gown. They might even have their hands on that new technique that you can use to try your dress on virtually from the comfort of your home.

Your Photographer


One tip we’ll advise when it comes to your photographer is to go for one who is familiar with your wedding ceremony venue. This way they’ll already know where the best spot for pictures are and how the lighting there works. During your virtual consultation with this vendor, you can talk about the kind of shots that you want for your wedding and the key people you want to see in your pictures. Remember to keep them updated as your date gets closer and things become more certain.

Your Wedding Planner


If there was ever a time when you needed a wedding planner for your wedding, it is now. You can brainstorm with them and share your vision for your wedding. A great way to make this easier is by getting a Pinterest board ready with examples that show what you mean. They’d be happy to give their input and use their experience to make your wedding planning easier and less stressful.

Here at Ultima Function Centre, we pride ourselves on our professionalism, experience and our ability to work with our clients to turn their dreams for their wedding, intimate family gatherings, gala dinners, or corporate events into a reality. We provide you with a gorgeous space for your memorable celebration and delicious in-house catering that will add wonderful flavours to your occasion. So, what do you say? Contact us today!

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