How To Plan A Bridal Shower?

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  • October 16, 2020
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Bridal showers are special. It is that last day before the wedding where the bride can be all herself with her family and friends. It is that last party as a single where she can plan to fulfill all her wishes. It is a special day for the bride as she will be treated like a princess and everything will be done according to her will.

Bridal showers are mostly hosted by the maid of honor as well as the accompanying bridesmaids. It is more of a gift shower than the bridal shower as that is the medium to show love. The gifts are selected in a way that helps the new couple to build up a new home. They mainly include kitchen and home decor related gifts as well as makeup, dresses, and jewelry.

All these things happen simultaneously, but the main headache lies in organising a perfect bridal shower before the guests arrive. These are the things one should keep in mind while planning one to keep everything smooth:

1) Plan the date in advance

The bridal shower is mostly planned before one month of the wedding. It is very important to decide the date in advance to plan other things like venue, invitations, catering, etc.

2) Define the budget right

Until you don’t set a budget aside and plan accordingly, you will either end up spending more or less for the big day. When the budget is defined, you are aware of the money you need to spend only on particular things and not on extra things for luxuries.

3) Define the guest list

As it is a pandemic season, it is best advisable to keep the list small and concise. Close friends and family members are enough to keep up the safety standards.

4) Decide a good location

Mostly it will be good to avoid choosing an outside location during this time but if the bride still wishes to host a function outside her home, make sure you choose a venue that takes care of all the safety measures and sanitization to avoid the spread of the virus. We at Ultima Function Center, take full care of the safety and sanitization methods.

5) Plan the invitation theme

You would have two options, one going for printed cards and the other one as e-invitation cards. You can check out if there are vendors available right now to print some cards for you or else you can go for e-cards and make the best use of the online medium.

6) Decide the menu in advance

At this time, choosing a caterer is really difficult. And even if you get one, it is extremely difficult to check the safety measures followed by them. This is the reason it is important to check some options in advance and decide on one as early as possible.

Now, you know the right list of planning the bridal shower, so all you need to do is buckle up your shoes and start executing for the big day.

Happy showering!


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