How to Look Your Best For Your Beach Wedding?

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  • September 6, 2021
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While many individuals fantasize about getting married with sand between their toes, guests may struggle to decide how to dress. In contrast to traditional dress codes such as cocktail, semi-formal, or formal, the “beach” element allows you to dress for the event in a more relaxed, cool, and casual manner. Naturally, the season, weather, and location will all have an impact on your wardrobe selection.

A beach wedding could be compared as a mini-vacation. If you’ve been asked to a tropical wedding, you might be wondering what to dress. Depending on the location and style of the event, attendees’ beach wedding attire may differ. While your first instinct may be to wear a sundress or shorts to a beach wedding, bear in mind that beach wedding attire is formal. While you are not required to wear a full suit or evening gown to the wedding, your attire should be appropriate. Even if the seaside wedding is casual, avoid wearing T-shirts and flip-flops to ensure correct dress.

If you’re wondering how to dress for a beach wedding, you’ve come to the correct place. We set down all you need to know about beach wedding guest attire to help you choose the perfect outfit. We’ll go through how to decide on the formality of the occasion, as well as beach wedding attire for men and women. We’ve gathered the best beach wedding dresses for guests that you can buy right away to make your shopping experience as simple as possible.

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How Do You Dress for a Beach Wedding?

Beach wedding attire is commonly assumed to be formal casual, and although this may be true for some weddings, others may be more upscale. Beach wedding attire for men and women typically includes bright colors, lightweight fabrics, and semi-formal accessories. For a formal ceremony, slacks or chinos, a button-down shirt, and a suit jacket or blazer are the most preferred beach wedding clothes for men. Midi and short dresses, jumpsuits, and exquisite rompers are appropriate for women.

If you’re attending a beach wedding, make sure you’re aware of the weather conditions. No matter what time of year it is, the climate is likely to be tropical—or at the very least warm. Your beach wedding attire will be primarily reliant on fabric. Breathable textiles like linen and cotton are ideal for being outside. Even a wool suit jacket can work, especially if it’s unlined or paired with lighter fabrics.

When it comes to accessories, brighter is better. It’s a great idea to wear a patterned tie or colorful statement earrings to a beach wedding. Wearing formal sandals or loafers without socks is also acceptable.

What to Remember When Dressing for a Beach Wedding

I appreciate you, Mother Nature! She usually keeps the beach warm, but you never know when a storm or a heat wave may make you sweat in your sundress. Our recommendation is as follows:

Examine the weather forecast and dress properly.

Wear lightweight, breathable textiles that will not stick to your skin and will keep you cool in the sun.

Chiffon, linen, organza, and cotton mixes are all excellent choices for staying cool in the sun.


When it comes to beach wedding dresses, light and bright hues are the gold standard. When you’re spending a sunny day by the sea with your toes in the sand, your attire should reflect it. Consider the bride’s color palette and look for tones that flatter your skin tone if the bride wants guests to follow a color scheme.


Beach weddings are often laid-back celebrations, but if you’re attending a formal beach wedding, don’t walk up in casual gear.

The most prevalent type of wedding is a casual seaside wedding. Men should dress in khaki or linen shorts and a shirt, and ladies should dress in a modest sundress. Beach weddings are usually performed during the day, and attendees can wear flip-flops or go barefoot.

Semi-Formal: A semi-formal beach wedding typically includes a twilight ceremony and reception. Despite the fact that beach attire is still light and breezy, semi-formal men’s beach wedding wear should contain khaki, linen, or seersucker slacks, a button-down, and a sport coat. Women should look for cocktail or tea-length dresses made of a high-quality cloth. Lace, chiffon, and organza are all attractive and comfortable textiles.

Despite their rarity, formal seaside weddings do exist. These are almost typically held in the evening and are usually followed by a reception with a cocktail hour, supper, and dancing. Ladies are required to dress in floor-length dresses, while men are expected to dress in suits.


Beach wedding gowns, despite being a little more modest, are fun to accessorize. Accessorize with bangles or bejeweled earrings and a clutch or small cross-body purse. If you’re tugging your hair back, wear a headscarf or a hair clip. Don’t forget to layer up with a light jacket or shawl when the temperature cools down in the evening.

Beach wedding shoes may appear to be useless on the beach, but they are more important than you realize. What kind of beach shoes are you wearing? Is it feasible to locate wedding flip flops? If your wedding is on a pier or near a boardwalk, or if the reception is somewhere indoors, you’ll appreciate having something to put on your feet.

Males should wear leather flip-flops or other sandals to a casual beach wedding, but a light-colored loafer or boat shoe is also appropriate.

Even at traditional seaside weddings, high heels or wedges are avoided since they are difficult to walk in. Dress up your look with a pair of comfortable and trendy gladiator sandals or ballet flats. If you want to show off your favorite pair of stilettos at a formal beach wedding, bring a pair with you to change into before the reception begins.


You obviously want your hair and makeup to be beautiful for all of the photos you’ll be shooting with your friends and family. There is, however, some practical advice to follow when it comes to hair.

Nothing looks more disheveled on a breezy beach than flyaway hairs in your face, sticking to your lipstick, and making you look disheveled. If you have long hair, consider putting it back with a trendy clip or bobby pins. With an updo, you may keep your hair off your neck and in place for maximum and cool comfort.


It’s not a good idea to wear dark, vampy lipstick or a smokey eye to a beach wedding. Heavy make-up will be difficult to maintain in the heat, since increased sweat will cause your eye and foundation makeup to run or smudge.

If you expect the night to be long, or if you’re a member of a bridal party that wants to keep their makeup immaculate for hours, consider using a cosmetic setting spray or powder. Make certain that you have waterproof mascara on hand!

Natural makeup may make a statement and complement everyone without being overpowering or overriding the bride’s beauty. With just a little of foundation and eye makeup, you can achieve a delicate, dewy look that is ideal for the beach. If you want your makeup to stand out, go for a pale pink or coral lip color or a pastel eyeliner.

What to Wear to a Beach Wedding

When putting together your wardrobe, keep a semi-formal dress code in mind. While full suits and floor-length gowns are unlikely to be worn at a seaside wedding, something a little more elegant than a casual sundress or shorts is preferred (unless the invitation specifically requests it). If you’re unsure about the wedding’s formality, consult the couple’s invitation and wedding website. Because evening weddings are more formal, the time of day might help guide your dress selection. The location can also be advantageous. A beach wedding at a high-end resort will almost probably need a more formal outfit than a casual gathering by the sea. For more details, visit the couple’s wedding website. This is where the soon-to-be-weds will expound on specific dress requirements, which will help you choose the appropriate outfit.

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Beach Formal

A dress, suit, or jumpsuit are all appropriate for a formal beach wedding. Choose breathable fabrics and brighter, more solid hues (avoid black, cream, and white). Tea-length skirts and jumpsuits are examples of formal beach clothing. Wear a fabric such as metallic or lace to add to the opulence. Stilettos are perilous on the sand, so opt for a hefty heel or formal sandals. Bring a pair of dressy heels if the reception isn’t on the beach.

Dress in a suit or a long-sleeved shirt and tie with a jacket and slacks. Avoid black, cream, and white in favor of solid colors—a summer suit is excellent. Consider linen, khaki, or seersucker for a light fabric. Dress shoes or a beautiful pair of shoes that accent the slacks are required. Shorts and sandals are not permitted.

Cocktail Party/Semi-Formal

Dresses, suits, formal rompers, and jumpsuits are examples of semi-formal apparel. Prints are OK as long as they are not too distracting. Choose a tea-length or maxi-length beach dress to avoid appearing too casual. Dressy sandals, clunky heels, and wedges are all acceptable footwear options.

While a jacket isn’t required, a breezy sport coat or a unique blazer is a lovely addition. Prints are OK as long as they are not too distracting. Closed-toe shoes, such as a loafer or deck shoe, can be worn casually, but they must be closed-toe. Shorts and sandals are not permitted.
Relaxed Beach

Choose a romper that is easy to wear, a basic sundress, or a breezy maxi dress. Even if they are nice, avoid wearing basic beachwear flip flops. Short-sleeved shirts, such as polos, and trendy shorts with a belt are acceptable (think Chinos). Lighter hues and/or eye-catching designs will boost your casual ensemble. Denim, cargo, and bathing shorts should all be avoided. Cotton t-shirts are not permitted. Sandals may be appropriate in this circumstance, but make sure your feet are clean before going for an open-toed look. If you don’t have any sneakers, wear a deck shoe or loafer instead.

Wedding Dresses for Women for a Beach Wedding

If the invitation specifies formal beach attire, a long, stunning gown is perfectly appropriate.

Short or tea-length dresses are perfect for semi-formal beach attire since they won’t get tangled in the sand and can quickly transition to a reception at a restaurant or seaside hotel.

What do you wear to a relaxed seaside wedding? In our opinion, this is a gorgeous Maxi dress. For a beach event, a maxi dress is loose-fitting, especially around the bottom, so you can brush it across the sand and clean it on land.

Beach Wedding Outfits for Men

If the dress code is beach formal, wear a traditional suit and tie, especially if the reception is place on the beach in a restaurant, resort ballroom, or on a yacht.

If a semi-formal beach wedding is required, dress in pants and a button-down shirt. You can even skip the tie and wear a suit jacket or vest instead. It is not essential because the location is unusual and, in hot/tropical weather, can make you feel trapped and uncomfortable.

Long pants and a light-colored button-down shirt with short or three-quarter sleeves are appropriate for male guests.

What Colors Should You Wear to a Wedding?

As a guest, you are free to wear whatever you choose (as long as you follow the dress code), but these colors will best complement the ocean’s beautiful tones.

Select a teal-colored clothing. A pastel blue lace midi dress provides an edgy counterpoint to the sea’s colors. This seafoam green halter gown was inspired by the lapping of the waves at the beach.

Bring two dresses: one for the wedding day and one for any pre-wedding occasions that require a dress. If you intend to stay for an extended period of time, bring only one dress per day. Bring seven outfits for a one-week trip, for example – that’s only seven pieces of clothing for a one-week trip – easy!

Workplace Dresses

When considering what to wear to a seaside wedding, choose a dress that is both traditional and fun. What are some of our top suggestions? A strappy floral gown that complements the venue’s lush tropical plants. Both midi dresses and off-the-shoulder maxi dresses are ideal for the event.

You can stay up with the latest trends with these gorgeous summer maxi dresses for females!

Choose skirts that are wide and airy, allowing you to move freely while relaxing on the sandy beach. Sleeveless or butterfly-sleeved dresses are in. Bring convertible bras and other undergarments that can be used with multiple gowns.

Beach Jewelry for Weddings

To accent your beach-inspired outfit, select eye-catching jewelry in a similar theme. Droplet earrings are popular right now (we like filigree drops ).

Choose two lovely sets to mix and match and layer on and off as needed from day to night.

Remember that seawater and sand can cause your jewelry to rust, so choose materials that will not. Platings such as gold, rhodium, and vermeil should be avoided.

Footwear Designs

If you’re wondering what to wear to a beach wedding, skip the sky-high boots. Even if you wear nice heels, they will sink in the sand. After all, beach weddings are supposed to be fun!

Favorite Substitutions

You can complete your look with the proper accessories. Wear a chic clutch during the day. Bring a trendy pair of sunglasses to protect yourself from the sun’s glaring rays. A beach-themed hair accessory, such as a hairpin or even bright flowers, can offer a playful touch to your clothing.


Beach curls are perfect for beach weddings. Allow your hair to fall freely and arrange it with wavy tresses and a floral crown. To keep your hair in place all day, consider a fishtail braid.

If you’re with a friend, enlist her help in creating a look! For females with shoulder-length hair, a sloppy, low bun with an amazing clip on the side is ideal.

Suggestions for applying make-up

You’ve done your hair and dressed appropriately; now comes the tricky part. Beach wedding makeup is a little difficult because the heat and humidity can melt (or cake up) your makeup.

As much as possible, protect your skin. While basking in the sun, use a high-SPF sunscreen to avoid wrinkles and black spots. Make sure your makeup is properly blended before applying the rest of your makeup.

Tip #2: Make a concerted effort to unwind. Use a light primer or BB cream instead of a heavy foundation. Shimmer should be kept to a minimum.

Use waterproof eyeliner and mascara to keep your black lines from smudging.

Wedding Etiquette at a Beach

While the formality of the dress code is occasionally indicated on the invitation, on other occasions, the couple may simply request “beach wedding wear.” If this is the case, the author advises, “It’s always preferable to be overdressed than underdressed.” If the invitation does not specify otherwise, dress for a semi-formal event.”

Consider classic semi-formal attire, but with summer suits, light fabric, and a tropical flair. Keep in mind that even if you’re attending a laid-back beach wedding, it’s still a wedding, not a family picnic. Leave the bathing suits and swim shorts at home, and if you’re going to wear sandals, make them a little more formal than your regular beach flip flops. Sun hats are permitted, but must be removed during the procession to allow other guests to see.

Beachwear, whether a breezy maxi dress, a seersucker suit, a formal romper, or a palm print jumpsuit, is a fun way to show off your personality while wearing some warm-weather faves — just remember to apply sunscreen!

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