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Certainly, having fake flowers on your wedding day is akin to drinking English tea from a mug in some people’s minds, and while this may have been true 20-30 years ago, times have changed, and the latest modern manufacturing techniques produce such lifelike flowers that you could easily be mistaken for thinking they were real.

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However, you should be aware that not all silk flowers are created equal, as you can still buy cheaply made ones that look plastic. If you can, order single flower samples from the wedding florist you are considering. Expect to pay a small fee for the stem as well as a P&P charge, which is a small price to pay compared to your overall wedding budget and to ensure your wedding flowers are beautiful.

Price Overall, synthetic flowers will be a more cost-effective option than fresh flowers, and the savings will be significant if you want exotic blooms or out-of-season flowers. The ability to order months or even years ahead of time can assist stretch the cost of your wedding budget.

Whether your flowers are made from the finest fresh flowers, real artificial touch, or elegant foam roses, the time it takes to create your order will be the same. You should inquire about the lead time from your wedding florist and, if in doubt, inform the florist of your wedding date so they can work around it to ensure your order is delivered on time.

Of course, one of the major advantages of silk flowers is the ability to order them ahead of time, which not only helps to spread the cost but also allows you to make any changes you see fit after seeing the bouquets, which you won’t be able to do on the day of your wedding when your real posies are delivered.

Is it possible to determine they aren’t real? If you don’t tell your wedding guests that your flowers aren’t real, and why would you need to, most will assume they are. Bridesmaids or flower girls who have their own flowers to hold will, of course, be able to tell they aren’t real, but choose an artisan florist like Sarah’s Flowers who only specializes in wedding bouquets and arrangements, and the quality of the wedding bouquets and arrangements will be excellent.

Is it possible to substitute artificial flowers for real ones?

You can undoubtedly substitute fake flowers for genuine ones (especially if you’re allergic to the real thing), but don’t do so if you’re trying to save money. In reality, good artificial flowers (those that resemble real) are usually made of silk and might be more expensive than wild flowers. Of course, if you’re a craft queen who adores the aesthetic of crepe paper flowers (and are prepared to put in the effort), going faux could help you save money.

What Are the Benefits of Using Fake Wedding Flowers?

When deciding between real and artificial wedding flowers, the first thing that comes to mind is why you should consider fake flowers at all. If you’re not keen on slashing your budget, this decision becomes even more important.

But, other from saving money, did you know that there are a slew of other reasons to acquire artificial wedding flowers? Real flowers have their own allure, and many brides will choose real flowers over synthetic flowers every time.

However, if you think about it, you’ll realize that merely considering synthetic flowers opens up a whole new universe of possibilities in this area. You can also use a blend of fake and real flowers for your wedding if you wish. The following are some of the factors to consider before deciding whether to have real or synthetic flowers at your wedding:

Real flowers are really costly

If you ask someone who has recently married about wedding costs, you will learn that on average, a bride spends more than $2200 on flowers alone if she chooses genuine flowers.

Real wedding flowers are unquestionably more expensive than imitation wedding flowers. Fake wedding flowers will cost half as much as real flowers and will look just as lovely.

There are several lovely silk flower possibilities on Etsy.

As previously stated, there are a plethora of imitation wedding flower patterns and colors to choose from. You may find some extremely natural-looking flowers on Etsy for a very inexpensive price. Etsy will be able to give natural-looking silk flowers for centrepieces or for your bridal bouquet, which some may think to be even better than genuine flowers.

You can even rent artificial wedding flowers from the comfort of your own home

You can rent fake wedding flowers, which you won’t be able to do with real wedding flowers. There are a number of wedding businesses where you can look through their selection of pre-designed bridal bouquets made of silk flowers and select the one you want. The flowers will then be packaged and shipped to you by the merchant.

All you have to do after the wedding is return the bouquet to the store. All of this is feasible for a little rental price of about $50, which is significantly less than the cost of a bouquet fashioned from actual flowers, which would otherwise end up in the trash the next day.

Your visitors are unlikely to notice.

Real flowers appear more natural, but silk flowers will be so realistic that guests will likely be unable to tell the difference until they touch and smell all of the flowers.

Even if they are aware that the flowers are phony, they are likely to be unconcerned because the food and music will be their primary attention.

Real vs. Fake Wedding Flowers | Pink Wedding Flowers

There are a plethora of realistic-looking fake plants and flowers available for bulk purchase online.

If you’re planning on employing floral decorations, such as flowers and other greenery, as the main decoration for your wedding venue, it’s probably best to use fake flowers. Not only do these flowers and foliage have a realistic appearance, but you can buy them in bulk online and save a lot of money.

You can retain your wedding flowers and use them to decorate your home for sentimental reasons.

The worst aspect about getting genuine wedding flowers is that they all go to waste the next day after the wedding, when the venue must prepare for the next event. If you purchase artificial wedding flowers, on the other hand, you will have the choice of bringing them home to decorate your home or presenting them to friends or family. You might even preserve those lovely, if not real, flowers as a memento of your special day.

You can order flowers months ahead of time to help spread out the wedding costs.

Another benefit of artificial wedding flowers is that you can purchase them months ahead of time and choose the delivery date, avoiding additional costs closer to the event. This allows you to stretch out the costs and manage your wedding budget more effectively.

Apart from the traditional silk designs, there are even more possibilities for women who want to be more unorthodox in their decision. You can go for tissue or paper flowers for an even more distinctive design for your wedding décor that is sure to impress all of your guests.

Real wedding flowers last longer than fake wedding flowers

Fake wedding flowers, which are designed to be considerably more resilient and lasting, will take much more than a gust of wind or some light rain to inflict any substantial harm. If you’re having an outdoor wedding, you should absolutely choose synthetic flowers instead of real flowers so you don’t have to worry about the decorations being ruined if the weather becomes cloudy or wet on the big day.

You don’t have to worry about whether a floral you want is “in season” or not!

Every bride will undoubtedly have a favorite flower that she wishes to include in her bouquet. However, it’s possible that the flower you choose isn’t in season on the day of your wedding and hence unavailable. With synthetic wedding flowers, however, you can choose any flower from anywhere in the globe, regardless of whether it is in season or even if it grows in your nation.

Allergen-free fake wedding flowers

It would be a tremendous benefit to a few guests who are allergic to certain types of flowers if they didn’t have to worry about their allergies flaring up due to the genuine flowers placed throughout the venue. If the bride or groom, or any member of the bridal party, suffers from allergies, this is an especially important factor to consider.

You can choose any color for your flowers

Another advantage of purchasing artificial wedding flowers is that you can have them created in any color you like. Purple roses or crimson hydrangeas are both options. Not only will this look distinctive and exotic, but the bridesmaid gowns can also be color coordinated with the flowers.

The Benefits and Drawbacks of Artificial Wedding Flowers

Pros Can be less expensive

In all seasons, all flower kinds are available.

Last indefinitely

More options for flower types and colors

You can order and prepare them ahead of time.

During outdoor summer weddings, it won’t wilt or attract mosquitoes.

Suitable for allergy sufferers

They don’t require water, are easy to carry, and maintain their appearance.

Any DIY arrangement is simple to practice (and re-do).


It may appear cheesy or cheap.

The most attractive cultivars are as expensive as (or more expensive than) actual flowers.

They don’t have the same sensation as genuine flowers.

The absence of a true flowery fragrance

The beauty of real flowers will always outweigh the beauty of artificial flowers.

For weddings, artificial vs. real flowers

Although artificial flowers for your wedding may sound like a 1970s suggestion, they aren’t your grandmother’s fake flowers. They fly over foreign waterways, bend rather than snap, and do all of this on a shoestring budget. For hand-sourced, real-touch, synthetic flowers, it’s not bad.

But, let’s face it, they have a negative connotation. They don’t appear inexpensive, to tell you the truth. Afloral’s creative director, Leanne Samuelson, enjoys working with silk flowers. “They’re thrashed around and dumped in the vehicle for shooting. I don’t treat them well.” They bounce back, thankfully, thanks to wire stems and easy-to-fluff petals. “The worst that can happen is that the stem bends. “Who cares if I bend it back,” she says.

artificiall flowers

What does it matter? Let’s keep it basic when it comes to fake flowers. Faux flowers are available in every color, season, and period. Why not have cherry blossoms in September? Definitely blue ombre orchids. You can even match your bouquet to your wedding colors (give us a call; we’ll help you out).

It’s not rocket science; it’s just good old-fashioned science. Real touch flowers are cool to the touch, UV-protected petals can withstand the hottest beach weddings, and you can drop blooms in a vase without a splash of water after your honeymoon. Because artificial flowers stay indefinitely, you may turn your bridal bouquet into a floral DIY at any moment.

“I adore the notion of being able to preserve my flower designs as a keepsake from our wedding. “My bridal bouquet hangs in our bedroom, next to a handwritten letter from Michael’s grandmother, ’12 Rules to a Happy Marriage.’ Both are memories we will treasure for the rest of our lives,” Brianne, an Afloral bride, adds.

Whether you’ve been collecting pins for your “Dream Day” Pinterest board since high school or prefer a shotgun wedding, fake flowers are the ideal guest of honor. You have the option of planning ahead and knowing exactly what your wedding bouquet will look like (months in advance) or ordering a prepared bouquet from our site and eloping with synthetic flowers in hand. And you won’t have to spend any of your honeymoon money on any of it. Yes, flowers, whether fake or real, are a costly aspect of any wedding, but if you want something special or are short on time, artificial flowers are the way to go. You may literally put them on the cake…

We understand if we haven’t yet won you over to the dark side. Real flowers are something we adore just as much as you do. However, several of us suffer from allergies, we’re all on a budget, and all we want is for our wedding preparations to be simple. It’s simple to make fake flowers. Anyway, we’ve heard that vintage weddings are very popular this season.

When it comes to flowers, how much should we spend?

The sky is the limit when it comes to flowers. You can go big with large, lush arrangements that fill the space with smell and color ($$$), or keep it simple with simple and elegant clusters of blooms ($). Of course, the flowers you choose are crucial. If you want peonies but your wedding is in January, you’ll have to pay a premium to have them imported (most likely from South America). Are you getting married in July? If you like dahlias, you’re in luck because they’ll be cheaper than at other times of the year because they’ll be in season.

If you have a large vision but a little budget, talk to your florist about flowers that can give you the aesthetic you desire without breaking the bank.

What are some ways to save money on wedding flowers?

Making each arrangement multi-use is the easiest way to save money on flowers. Are there large arrangements flanking the altar? Use one to embellish the bar and the other to adorn the escort card table. Do you have a slew of bridesmaids? Request that your florist place empty vases as part of the centerpieces, then fill each with a bouquet to spruce up your tables. Using bud vases as a centerpiece during cocktail hour? They can be used to dress up a mantle or to dress up the cake table, or you can group a few together for a more composed look than a single enormous centerpiece.

We've compiled a list of the best wedding stylists

Artificial Wedding Flower Suggestions

Sure, artificial flowers save money, are better for the environment, and allow you to keep some of your bridal flowers for days (or even years) after the big day. However, there is something you should think about before jumping into the artificial flower camp.

If at all possible, avoid using them in high-profile areas that will be shot frequently or closely (bouquets, boutonnieres, centrepieces, cake flowers, etc.).

Along huge arrangements that require filler, mix them in with genuine blossoms.

Use them in places where they won’t be studied up close or seen at eye level, such as the ceremony altar, decorative draping, hanging from the ceiling, or distributed down the aisle.

Make a big statement with one or two large-scale decorative pieces, and embrace the fake news. For example, construct a wildly textured floral wall as a backdrop for your photobooth or ceremony using artificial or paper flowers—a focal point that would break most people’s budgets if done with real flowers.

Non-floral possibilities include giant leaves and grasses, herbs, feathers, air plants, and even tastefully oversized balloons, as indicated above. There’s no rule that says wedding decorations must include flowers, or that they can’t incorporate whimsy and beauty man-made artifacts.

If you can’t afford high-quality artificial flowers, go for the bright, campy, almost comedic look that clearly fake flowers may provide. Make a false flower “garden” (complete with AstroTurf and miniature garden gnomes) and place your escort cards in rows among the fake flowers, or make one large crêpe-paper flower to garnish an otherwise plain wedding cake.

Look through the portfolios of florists who utilize artificial flowers to discover how they photograph their bouquets and arrangements. When photographed in good light and great focus, some artificial flowers are virtually undetectable from their actual counterparts, while others appear blatantly unnatural.

Artificial flowers work well with bouquets and centrepieces that are more tightly shaped and compact (such as round bouquets); bouquets and centrepieces that are more wild, unstructured, and require a lot of movement (such as cascade bouquets) are more difficult to imitate with imitation blossoms.

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