Boost networking skills and crack business deals in our contoured boardrooms

Our broad strokes and pragmatic approach complemented with creative ideas is what makes our boardroom arrangements different from scores of companies. Our calm demeanour and dedicated attitude strive to obsess you with the idea of corporate meetings.

The slate of creativity and unique ideas

Our boardrooms encompass grace and lavish interiors to create a vibe for corporate meetings. The stunning interiors with sublime spacings have contoured spaces promising for ultimate privacy and comfort. The boardroom will cater enough space so that you can slate your creative ideas and leave your colleagues dumbstruck with applause.

Stodgy spaces for a corporate affair

Cut the strings of stress and worries with the elegant contoured spaces of the boardroom with utmost privacy. We have a habit of blowing your expectations by catering nothing but the best. We have crafted the ideal space to promise you comfortable space and privacy to boost things on the work front and mark a green flag of success.

Ideal budget for your framed budget

The homely boardroom is crafted with modern and sublime craftsmanship to make you feel comfortable to discuss your profit graphs climbing up the apogee. The room offers elegant finishing with subtle colours picked from the pallet to formulate the idea of sophistication blended with simplicity. Our stodgy room has been constructed to ensure that you have a successful corporate meeting and crack deals.

Resort to the modern spaces which cost merely $500 for two hours. We also cater to writing pads and pens so that you do not miss to note down your take away from the meeting. The room is fitted with a big 75-inch television to ensure that your presentations can display the achievable consensus appealing to your sponsors. The executive boardroom will ensure that your effective ideas are imprinted in the minds with rich visuals and experiences based on content centric pivot.
Improve the experiences of corporate meetings with us and change the traditional concept for dramatic results and success.

Whatever the occasion or the budget, the management team at Ultima Function Centre can tailor a function to suit your requirements.