University Function Venue in Melbourne

The cherishment of golden days at our university function room

Do you still remember your university days? We still remember ours! University is not just a place for education but also for new life long friendships, building networks, developing new skills, showcase your hidden talent, etc. Special events held by Universities aim at achieving these intangible goals apart from tangible ones like a perfect grade sheet.

Over the last 30 years, we have been on our foot in organizing the most popular university events at our university function room with vibrant themes every year. Our venues are built up with the in-capacity of 500+ members at the same time, allowing everyone to raise the toast in a go. Our experience in university event hosting helps us brainstorm better ideas for the theme, bringing to your students a customized and friendly feel like the university premises. We usually segregate the sections of the university function room into:

Starters, dine, and desserts
– A stage for important announcements
– Dance, singing, and band performances
– A stage for exclusively university performances
– A customized corner designed for your desired Snapchat stories

Along with this, for quick entry and exit, we have spacious parking lots that allow one to sneak in and out comfortably, without being worried about the asset damage.

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One centre place for all: our university function venue

One silent reason why Ultima Function Centre is the first choice of University for organizing their special events is our highway location, attracting the eyes of thousands daily. We are located at the prime location, in the middle for every student staying around the city along with covering the suburbs. It is an advantage for most universities as they can reach up to the place for last-minute check-ups of the decor and preparations for the event.

University events represent your ideology, philosophy, and goal behind running this institution and is a single opportunity for the students to know about it well and join hands with you to abide by it for the coming years of association.

We know as a university, you wish to provide the best to your student crowd and our team aims to support your dream with the best hospitality and catering possible in the house.

Celebrate Your Next Event With Ultima Function Centre

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All you need to do is open your doors of imagination and collect your ideas in a mind bucket, just to shower it out in front of our experienced managers. The rest is on us, till the narrow end. And we promise that well in advance.

Taking into consideration, the present pandemic situation, we have arranged special facilities for a virtual tour for our willing customers. Do not step out to book a venue for your university function, when you can just book a zoom call with us right here, right now.

For more details call us at 04 1367 4193 to book your glamorous university function venue in Melbourne.

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