101 Engagement Party Ideas

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  • December 9, 2020
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The best engagement party evokes the spirit of those they honour: elegant or whimsical, outdoors or modern, retro or traditional. Not sure where to start when your celebration is being planned? We have put together some well-planned parties here as well as ideas and thoughts on how to separate your party from all the others, like a mimosa bar for a brunch-time extravaganza or inspired by you and the favourite TV show of your beau. 

From sleek to lavish, no matter what theme you are looking for from tropical adventure to antique tea sets, we have the best ideas for the engagement party to please your family and friends. Don’t forget to give out engagement party invites to a match with a theme in mind. Also if you’re one step closer to securing the wedding date, warn all your loved ones with a special date saved. Good preparation!

1. A Movie Night

With an outdoor movie theatre-themed party that’s guaranteed to be a box office success, rent a projector and turn your engagement into a real-life rom-com. As a pair, White Lilac Inc. president Sunny Ravanbach suggests screening montage cuts of your favourite moments. “Also be sure to have care packages for guests on hand including all the classic cinema treats. Think popcorn, Kit Kat bars, Sour Patch Kids, and Twizzlers,” he says, and also don’t forget the 21-and-over drinks.

2. Throw a Luau, Throw a Luau

By her fiance’s surprise proposal in Honolulu, Bride-to-be Reynaley Buenaventura was inspired to throw a luau for her engagement party. I wore a Hawaiian print shirt, and so did the daughter of my fiancé,” she says, “We both wore flowers in our hair, and the guests, wearing leis, got into the spirit. We served traditional Hawaiian dishes such as egg rolls, upside-down pineapple cake, and kabobs.” Decorate an outdoor space with bright flowers and tropical décor, making pineapples perfect centrepieces for the table.”

3. Upon your first date, pay homage

Share with your friends and family a little of the past of your romance by throwing your party at the place where you first met or where you got engaged; you can also turn an inside joke into a party theme. Did you first set your sights on him when your cars were caught in a traffic jam side-by-side? How about making your pals invite you to a bumper-car rink? You can pay tribute to that too if you met on a dating site: Let’s say you met on the Coffee app.

4. A suit sporting event

Cheer on your favourite professional or college squad and toast at the same time to your contribution. It is surprisingly affordable to book a suite at a sporting event, especially given the fact that food and beverages are often included in many packages, says Tracie Domino, founder of Tracie Domino Events. “The event will be casually allowing a lot of interaction among guests, and the game will keep things interesting all night,” she says. “To really save on this idea, plan it on a weekday night, which works great for baseball and basketball games.”

5. Roller Disco

With an adult-only disco party at your nearest roller skating rink, channel your inner kid and kick off your newly-engaged status. Rent the venue, employ a great DJ, and invite everyone to dress up in their best ’70s look, Ravanbach suggests. For classic tunes, retro dresses, pizza, and four-wheeled fun, you can’t go wrong.

6. Picnic

There’s no need for an engagement party to be a stodgy affair. A great way to celebrate might be the old-fashioned, Americana-inspired backyard shindig. Decorate the trees with streamers, unfurl mini flags for the centrepieces of your table, and artistically put your condiments in the middle of the table in a little picnic basket. Don’t forget the classic touches: Bruce Springsteen’s potato salad, chips, bottled beer and music, of course.

7. Affair at Bowling Alley

To celebrate your big news, invite your friends and family to bowl a few games. To ask for super special treatment, such as a personalised soundtrack, lighting, or culinary choices, inform the alley in advance. Speak about the theme of a special gathering. When was the last time you went to the bowling alley for an engagement party?

8. Sock Hop

Gear up for a 1950s sock hop for your upcoming vows. To select the right songs for the happy occasion, rent a jukebox so your guests can click through the playlist. Options for the sock hop atmosphere can vary from the finished basement of your parents to a restaurant private space. Don’t forget to remind guests about the dress code influenced by age, and you can even give your favourite outfit a prize.

9. Wine Tasting Event

Toast with a wine and cheese party in style. Using small tables adorned with strewn flowers or elegant linens to highlight such cheeses and their complementary wines. Let your guests sample Brie with Beaujolais, Stilton with Wine, and Gouda with Riesling, which are all great pairs, just like you and your partner. You can’t go wrong with solid cheeses alongside appetisers like prosciutto-wrapped cantaloupe if Champagne is your choice.

10. Desert Party

If you’ve got a sweet tooth, a dessert party in heaven. Using a white-chocolate macadamia-nut cheesecake, strawberries, and truffles to make a little bit of heaven on earth. Serve a range of dessert wines such as Tawny Port, Riesling and Sauternes, as well as popular after-dinner drinks such as coffee, tea and espresso. With Scotch and a cigar, you can still send the men home.

11. Famous couple

Tessa Lyn Brand, the owner of Tessa Lyn Events, says that here are another one of our favourite unique engagement party ideas: invite your guests to dress up as popular couples for a fun twist on a traditional engagement party. Guests will truly have fun getting into character, from Romeo and Juliet to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

12. Art Gallery

Roll out the red carpet for an art gallery opening party and premier your engagement pictures. Donnie Brown Weddings and Events Planner Donnie Brown recommends that you blow up your engagement pictures to poster size and get them placed on foam.

13. Day of Casino

By discovering the love of your life, you have already won the jackpot. Keep the good times rolling on your own casino night with some dice and cards, says Brand. “Give out play money to guests when they arrive to play on rented blackjack and craps tables. The last man standing gets a prize.”

14. A Fan from Paris?

They think of love when people think of Paris. Honour your involvement with a group that celebrates the town of light. Live it up, from a Parisian retro playlist (think Edith Piaf and Juliette Gréco) to macaroons and champagne. You may use the décor of the Eiffel Tower and even compose menus or French signs.

15. Silent Disco

Noise issues should not be equivalent to dance parties, which is why a silent disco is both a novel and a realistic concept.

16. Sail During Sunset

Ready for plenty of selfies of “I’m on a boat”? Invite friends and family to your engagement on a sunset sail to toast.

17. Chic Chalet

Don your winter whites and make yourself cosy with hot chocolate, mulled wine, and après-ski stuff. By hosting a chic chalet party, which works really well if your engagement party falls during the cold weather months, a nod to your love of the slopes.

18. Glamping Anyone?

Teissia Treynet, the founder of Firefly Activities, recommends elevating a campsite by inviting friends and family to go glamping. Organize a day at a nearby campsite where you can improve the atmosphere by adding a lot of amenities: sports, blankets, rustic furniture, and a bar, of course. In nostalgic camp-inspired games such as a hula-hoop contest or a 100-meter dash, stock the bathrooms like a five-star hotel and schedule a hiking excursion or pit guests against each other.

19. Brunch with Jazz

Who says it must be in the afternoon or evening for engagement parties? Planning a late-morning evening by combining brunch with jazz music sounds amazing already. While listening to an energetic jazz quartet, guests will dig into waffles, made-to-order omelettes, and of course, Bloody Marys. A couple of songs in there and it’s like you were transported to NOLA.

20. Social Icecream

Even if it’s cold outside, we all call for ice cream (admit it). Craft your own social ice cream, where visitors can help themselves to a bar of toppings. For a pure Americana twist, you might serve banana splits or root beer floats or get a gelato cart for a little European flair.

21. Pool Party

The traditional pool party is another of our favourite ideas for engagement parties. With a kickoff to both, honour your new role as a to-be-wed and the beginning of summer. With animal- and food-shaped rafts, stock the area, pop on a feel-good playlist, and prepare to serve tropical-inspired beverages such as mojitos.

22. Speakeasy Soirée Secret

If you’re a fan of drinks, you may just want to run around with this idea. Host a mixology course with a pro, who can walk through how to shake and stir you and your friends, plus craft your favourite cocktail. Or by welcoming guests to a make-your-own cocktail buffet, keep it easy. Have the base drink batched, so guests can add garnishes to take the drink to the next level, such as fruit, herbs and spices?

23. Fiestas

Please, Tacos and tequila! From the rafters, hang paper picados, cover tables with brightly coloured linens, and roll the margarita machine out. It’s time to have a proper feast. Have your favourite local Mexican restaurant cater to the event, particularly if they come on-site to mix your guests with table-side guacamole.

24. Off to the races

If the first Saturday in May, mint juleps and Derby-worthy hats are your thing, consider using this as inspiration for your band. Host a Day at the Races” and invite guests to put on their best outfits inspired by equestrianism. Serve stainless steel julep cups with bourbon cocktails and put “bets” on fun facts about you and your significant other. If you’re a fan, pour the whole affair into the tracks.

25. Bonfire on the beach

It’s just like all of your OC fantasies are coming true. Invite friends and family, complete with oceanside sports, s’mores, and cocktails, to a sunset bonfire on the beach.

26. Murder Mystery

Bring to life the Clue with a Murder Mystery Squad. There will be several party companies coming to your home and hosting the game. When each guest arrives, send them an envelope that describes their identity, matching their character with that of their character is extra hilarious.

27. Barbeque

And when it comes to celebrating your marriage alongside a rack of ribs, is it hard to say no to a barbecue? Not a chance of visitors not turning up.

28. The Homecoming

Often, you live in the ideal place for engagement parties: your home. Invite friends and family to celebrate you and your significant another call home in the place; it’s super intimate, and a meaningful way to show your soon-to-be spouse the fresh adobe you’re creating.

29. Train Ride

Why not throw your engagement fête on a train to your destination? Imagine riding across wine country by a train while cheering-it sounds idyllic to your engagement.

30. Love Around the World

Early on, launch your honeymoon by taking your guests with you around the world. Incorporate maps, globes, and photos of the nations of which you and your fiancé were to be (or hope to go).

31. Surprise party of a marriage

You can make the engagement aspect of the party a complete surprise if you have not yet announced your engagement.

32. Party on the Garden

In a garden-themed engagement party, love blooms all round. This is not the typical garden club get-together for your grandmother. Start with cascading foliage, bright flowers, and terrariums decorating your room. Keep the plant theme going by serving food dependent on plants.

33. Thinking of a Party in Hollywood?

With this epic engagement party concept, Relive Hollywood glamour. Channelling Clark Gable, Vivian Leigh, Marilyn Monroe and more in black-tie attire, welcome your guests to dress as their favourite retro stars.

34. Return something to the engagement party

Via colour scheme or events, this specific party theme is not linked; rather, your meeting will be packed with ways you and your guests can give back.

35. Starry Nights

As you set up for a night under the stars, grab some blankets, telescopes and your closest friends. This engagement party will take place anywhere it is convenient: a local park, recreation area, or even a backyard of your own.

36. Retro Love

Time to momentarily set aside wedding and adult duties and behave like a kid again. Everywhere, retro arcades have sprung up and made for a friendly and exclusive engagement party.

37. Group Color

Often colour is all that you need for a party theme. If you already have them worked out you can keep your wedding white palette, or you can use your wedding colours.

38. Fairy Tale Happily ever after

Kick off your happily-ever-after with a fairy-tale celebration of marriage. Incorporate all the classic romances and fairy tales that you can think of. Using piles of old hardback romance novels to make centrepieces.

39. Treasure Hunt

Then kick off your engagement party with a scavenger hunt if your mates are competitive and are always up for a challenge. Break up a variety of teams of guests and send them off with hints as to where to go. Every hint will lead participants to places that have been landmarks in your relationship. Let a lovely sit-down dinner be your last stop.

40. Engagement group in Urban Gothic
Consider having a modern Gothic engagement party, complete with Victorian-themed décor and if you like, some spooky specifics if you love deep colours, October weather, and opulence. If you’re having an event around Halloween time, a modern Gothic engagement party is great.

41. Geeky get together

Everything everybody geeks out over. You should find a way to infuse the party with a gloriously geeky theme, whether you and your sweetheart are big on Star Wars or Lord of the Rings or anything else altogether.

42. Joy of Shakespeare

No one better than Shakespeare understood passion. So imagine having an engagement party with a Shakespeare theme.

43. Club for Breakfast

An engagement breakfast or brunch will do the trick if you’re looking for something more intimate and relaxed. For a morning affair, invite your mates and have coffee, tea, pastries, finger sandwiches and other hors d’oeuvres. Who says that in the morning, you can’t have a smashing party?

44. Laser Tag

Third, but not least, on our list of suggestions for the commitment session: a laser tag party. Your mates will have a blast and we guarantee they have never been to this theme at an engagement party before.

45. Roll the red carpet out

Let your guests feel like stars with this glitzy party theme by hosting a party full of Old Hollywood glamour. Have a red carpet as guests make their way down the aisle, flashing lights, and music blasting.

46. White Party

To express their love for the newly engaged couple, add white lace touches to your decorations and make all your guests wear white to your case.

47. Have a party of enchantment

Decorate the deep blues and purples with gold highlights and a tiered cake at your engagement party. Wear gold headpieces to walk around like royalty, to top off your engagement party attire.

48. Get a Toast for the Morning

Did you think about toasting your new adventures over a brunch at the engagement party? Breakfast, after all, may just take the top spot as the favourite meal of all. Consider a donut party or a mimosa bar celebrating your passion.

49. Create a bar for mimosas

But as a newly engaged couple your favourite fruit, juice, and champagne to toast to your journey. To make their dream mimosa, set up a full bar for your guests.

50. Brunch jazz

In your own French Quarter courtyard, enjoy your classic go-to breakfast dishes. Cheers for your new journey together over morning champagne, from scrambled eggs to French toast and egg casserole.

51. Bring the sunshine out

For your table centrepieces, add lemons to clear vases and build your own full coffee bar for the perfect wake up call. For a morning sunshine feel, integrate bright yellows in your place.

52. Demonstrate your passion for blooms

Have a sunrise breakfast celebration by decorating your venue with flower petals, bright-coloured peony centrepieces, and mini sandwiches and pastries for breakfast spread on each table.

53. Build a wall with a doughnut:

To dip them in, set up a sweet surprise with a doughnut wall and glasses of milk. Create your own pegboard wall for all your visitors to try out, packed with your favourite doughnut flavours.

54. Host a tea party in Spring

Top vases with brightly coloured flowers, fill light snacks with bowls and serve teapots. Have different morning pastries to match with your tea, including banana bread and muffins.

55. Get a bake-off of your own

Have your guests at your engagement party bring their favourite baked goods to bid for the best-baked masterpiece. Have an award table for the winners with gift cards and wedding ring cookies.

56. Get a BBQ in the morning

Throw on the grill some bacon, sausage, and patties for everyone to build their own sandwiches for breakfast. Have a selection of fruits, smoothies, and mimosas to top off your dinner.

57. Superhero to be

Come to the rescue by adding your favourite desserts, superhero photo booth props, and capes as a newly engaged pair to mimic your playful spirits.

58. The Mad Hatter’s Become

Play Wonderland Essentials for your tea party. Wear the classic Mad Hatter hat, drink tea, and use paper flowers to brighten up your crowd.

59. Build a taco bar of your own

Show your guests a selection of salsas, guacamole, beans, meat, and tortilla shells to make their own tacos. To quench your thirst, have a full margarita and a Bloody Mary table.

60. A History Touch

Rent out a nearby museum and hire guides to give a tour of your favourite exhibits to your guests. Have appetisers and drinks for guests to relax and a dedicated seating area.

61. Unite Bravo-Holics

A Bravo-lover celebrating? Host a party of engagement inspired by the beloved TV reality network. There is no lack of inspiration for a Bravo-themed engagement party from Housewives franchisees to spin-off shows such as Vanderpump Rules and Below Deck. Whoop it up, inspired by memorable show moments, with cocktail napkins, wall banners and party favours.

62. Fair for Carnival

Power nostalgia for an engagement party based on a carnival theme. To give visitors a taste of their childhood memories spent at a summertime neighbourhood fair, rent popcorn machines and cotton candy spinners. Guests will be entertained by classic games like ring toss and reward wheels. “I Do”I Do

63. Donut Mind If I Do
If you feel like seeing a doughnut wall at any wedding event you attend, you can’t picture it.
For those with a sweet tooth, equal parts tasty and Instagram-worthy, doughnut-themed celebrations are a must.

64. The Feyoncés

They put a ring on it and toast the Feyoncés as Beyoncé would have done. As well as decorations influenced by popular song lyrics, a playlist featuring the singer’s greatest hits is a must. (This “Drunk In Love” flag, as well as thematic photo booth props and Beyoncé confetti, is an absolute must.) This party will be flawless if one thing is for sure.

65. ‘Yeah’ d ‘Ice Cream’d’

Social Ice Cream, anybody? Stock up on a selection of delicious flavours to mark the moment when the engaged couple said or shouted) “Yes!” There could not be a sweeter way to acknowledge the unique encounter.

66. Love at a Swipe First

The newly engaged couple met on a dating app. There’s a transition. If that’s the case, honour their digital engagement party with a “Love at First Swipe”-themed beginning. If they matched Bumble, include the theme of a bee. Red decorations will be perfectly fitting for Tinder users. Even Hinge has an online store packed with sweets such as piñatas and branded marshmallows.

67. Nice is Love

Satisfy your sweet tooth at your engagement party by planning a mouth-watering dessert table (or candy bar). Guests will enjoy indulging in a few sweets, from towering cupcake and cookie displays to rows of colourful candy (along with personalised take-home bags). Since love is pretty good, after all.

68. Love a Latte for you

Is coffee favoured over champagne? No trouble. Provide guests with a range of espresso drinks instead of a cocktail engagement party style. In honour of the few hours, attendees may raise lattes, macchiatos, mochas and cappuccinos.

69. Meant for the Bee

The dedication was meant to be with a witty theme, so party in style. Weaving with buzzy wall hangings, flags, balloon arches and table accents in a bumblebee theme. Guests won’t bee-live the cuteness of the crowd.

70. Average Engagement Party of Nacho

A nacho-themed engagement party would make them as happy as possible, ideal for the couple who love Taco Tuesday almost as much as they love each other. Create a menu to entertain visitors with dishes like nachos, tacos, quesadillas and chips and guac, and offer a build-your-own margarita bar. Or by arranging a taco truck for late-night snacking requirements, take it to the next level.

71. Netflix Marathon

Offer a nod to your favourite TV series with an engagement party that invites couples from an original Netflix show to come dressed as their favourite characters. Follow a theme influenced by the couple’s favourite binge-worthy episode, or invite guests from their own favourite series to come dressed like a character.

72. Flawless Pairs

Life is full of perfect couples: peanut butter and jelly, bacon and eggs, salsa and chips, and of course, the newly engaged couple! Throw an engagement party with a menu that is ideal for the new couple who have found their perfect match in celebration of the best culinary duos.

73. Single Life, Bon Voyage

Honour the pair with a nautical engagement party as they sail into married life. You will have a whale of a good time, whether you rent a boat or carry the celebrations on land, toast to the happy news with this theme.

74. Tell to Cheese

In the best way possible, this engagement party concept is cheesy. For the couple who prefer savoury treats over sweet, give up an impressive charcuterie spread instead of a dessert table. To showcase their cheesy smiles, set up a photo booth for visitors and use their pictures as a guest book to remember the unforgettable evening.

75. In Love Snow

Bunnies of snow unite. Host an engagement party inspired by the cold winter months if a winter wonderland is more enticing than a tropical beach. Deck out the room with warm string lights and deep-coloured winter florals, and offer a hearty winter menu followed by warm beverages such as mulled wine or sangria. After all the engaged couple is in love with snow, making this theme a perfect fit.

76. Blue something

It’s never too early to get into the spirit of marriage, so why not host an engagement party inspired by ‘Something Blue’? With blue décor, blue drinks and desserts topped with blue icing and decorations, stay on the topic. If guests come dressed in blue clothing, bonus points!

77. Stuck Forever Together

Celebrating committed parents with plants? Give their green thumbs a nod with a succulent-inspired engagement party theme. Not only can plants act as great decor, but visitors will also be able to take them home as a special favour for the wedding.

78. A Round the World Ride

Catch an invitation suite with a passport theme and welcome guests to celebrate an engagement with global flair. Perfect for the couple who are always searching for their next adventure, along with their close friends and family, a travel-themed engagement party will fuel their wanderlust. With globally-inspired dishes and thoughtful decorations such as Passport-inspired stickers and a guest book inspired by travel, elevate the theme.

79. In the Sea

Get inspired by the ocean, that an engagement means that two fewer fish are legally in the water. Stay on-theme with tasty snacks and give the venue a blue makeover to give it underwater vibes (blue drinks and Swedish fish, anyone?).

80. After Ski

Skip the physical exercise and throw an après-ski-inspired engagement party. While guests mix in a ski lodge-inspired spot, serve hot drinks such as spiked hot chocolate and hotty toddy. No needed snow boots!

81. Brews and morsels

Send a taste of local breweries to guests by providing a variety of beers made locally. “A perfect alternative to a wine tasting, a “Brews and Bites” engagement party theme is great for the couple who loves entertaining as much as they enjoy sampling the best new beer concoctions. (Don’t forget tiny finger food options such as innovative dips and hors d’oeuvres!)

82. BYO-Cocktail drinks

If you have a group of aspiring mixologists, invite your friends to come up with the fixings to make an original cocktail recipe at your engagement party. The to-be-weds are capable of judging the competition. (Pro tip: this concept of a creative engagement party will double as research for signature wedding day drinks for the couple.)

83. Winter Land of Wonders

With elegant warm treats served all in white, wash away the winter blues. Sugary crusted drinks add a frosted look to your spirits when warming up.

84. Forest Enchanted

With this magical glen-themed engagement party concept, go into the woods and feel like you are in a fairy tale. The illustration of a storytime setting is complete with gold candelabras.

85. Flashback Flamingo

This dazzling pink and green retro flamingo inspired bash dresses up contemporary class with 50s kitsch. And don’t forget to get a polaroid to scatter around so you can have photo proof.

86. Day of Sunshine

Get happy with a lemon-coloured accessory that really demonstrates the love of the couple for something light. For a fun way to demonstrate their sunny side, even add a cut lemon to the flower arrangements.

87. Swept Shore

Feel the ocean crash with a themed outdoor party that surfs on the soft sands. To make it a beautiful day by the sea, this engagement party design featured sweet sangria and ice cream sundaes.

88. Eve of the New Year

Drop the ball while making a pledge to tie the knot at a New Year’s themed party and sip champagne cocktails. Any time of year is great for a new love celebration!

89. Group of the Tropics

Offer minimalism a makeover for a tropical theme by keeping the tablescape clean white and incorporating green patterns and colour splashes. Decoupled balloons are a perfect way to give this understated lushness a little magic.

90. The Counter of Bruschetta

Can’t get the toasted goodness of bruschetta enough? A make-your-own station is an excellent addition to an Italian themed engagement party for this classic Italian treat.

91. Blue And White Classic

The template for this elegant colour-themed fete is luxurious classic blue and white etched ceramics. For a spectacular impact, all is set in cool blues, from the bride-to-shoes is to the invitations.

92. The Groove

Engagement parties are about participating in enjoyable activities with your guests. Ideas such as trivia, sing-a-longs, and old-fashioned (such as ring toss) lawn games keep everybody having a nice time.

93. With The Frills’ Valentine’s

For an engagement party that happens around Valentine’s Day, playful pink and gold is great. For the bubbly bride who is not afraid to go completely girly and get glittery, this is a pink paradise. The theme party also featured Valentine’s craft table packed with frills to the brim.

94. The Boy Who Lived (It Up)

With this Hogwarts-inspired tablescape complete with floating candles and butterbeer, show your absolute fandom. While you might not be able to submit owl invites yet you can bring out your wands and cloaks and show the muggles.

95. Rococo Tea Group

Celebrate with an intricate, gorgeous theme in the lavishness of Versailles. With elegant bouquets adorning ornate tablescapes, let them all eat cake.

96. Boho backyard
A Boho dream is this cool way to mix the sophisticated and elementary. Nifty decanters hold signature spirits and let everyone connect with their natural self through flower crowns.

97. A Parisian

The black & white theme’s simplicity gives it a signature elegance that evokes fancy French cuisine. This event turns the garden into a lovely cafe by taking the city of light” outside.

98. Speakeasy of the Roaring 20s

With an outdoor party that swings with the excitement of the roaring 20s, this one gives Gatsby a run for his money. This theme hep as can be rendered with cocktails served speakeasy style.

99. Joy of Autumn

Nothing is as stunning as the soft golden glow of the colours of fall. The leaves are practically gilded here as they clothe an occurrence in style. A rustic tablescape topped with perfectly appointed golden cutlery suits this.

100. Nights in Havana

Stop the ban on tropical themes and keep things cool from the “Pearl of the Antilles.” with cigars and lime flavouring. Panama hats are optional.

101. Feast of the Mediterranean

For an engagement party, including stuffed grape leaves, savoury olives, sweet dates and perfect pomegranates, this feast containing the jewels of the Mediterranean makes a tantalising spread. Pair the food and serve it outside with a watermelon sangria.

Wrapping Up

From sleek to lavish, no matter what theme you are looking for from tropical adventure to antique tea sets, we have the best ideas for the engagement party to please your family and friends. Don’t forget to give out engagement party invites to a match with a theme in mind. Also if you’re one step closer to securing the wedding date, warn all your loved ones with a special date saved. Good preparation!

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